Sunday, May 31, 2009

Las Vegas

A few weeks ago, we went to Las Vegas with some friends for the weekend! We had a blast!!! We got in Thursday night so we would have a full weekend and we squeezed every last minute out of it!
We hung out by the pool...

Jeremy, Haley, Aaron

Jason putting suntan lotion on me! :-)

Haley, Talli, Tara

We went shopping and walked around the strip...
Friday night, we ate in a little "outdoor" restaurant in the Venetian where they had replicated St. Marcos square in Venice! I loved walking around the Venetian! It totally reminded me of when we were in Italy a few years ago!

Jason and Tara Italy July 2006

Then, we went to Tao nightclub and danced until after 2am!

Aaron and Haley

Tara and Jason

Jeremy, Talli, Haley, Aaron, Tara, Jason All tired out after a night of dancing

The next night we went to see "O".Haley, Tara, Talli

It was AMAZING! We loved every minute of it! We had fantastic seats on the fourth row! We were just amazed the whole time! It was so creative and entertaining! I'm certain I couldn't do it justice trying to explain it. I have to say it was one of the coolest things I've ever seen!

We got out of the show around midnight. I laughed when Haley casually asked, "So, what are we going to do tonight?" I love that girl!

Sunday, we went to a magic show and got our last fill of Vegas for this trip.

Jason and Tara

We watched the outdoor water show... And enjoyed the photo ops..Jeremy, Aaron, JasonJeremy, Talli, Tara, Jason, Haley, Aaron
We were sad the weekend had to come to an end.We had so much fun and can't wait to plan another trip with our friends!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Track Season

This year, Austin and Jessica both participated in the track season for their elementary school. I love that the school has so many programs to expose the kids to new sports at such a young age. It is a great time for them to figure out what they like to do and what they are good at.

Last year, Austin tried out for the high jump team and didn't make it. He was a little disappointed. This year, he tried out for long jump and made the team! He is still learning how to focus his energy into one area, but he had a really good time.Ashlyn and Austin

I was really excited that Jessica decided to do track. She is really fast and running seems to come naturally to her. She ran the 800, the 400, and the 400 relay.She hasn't been very competitive in the past. It was fun to watch her push herself and grow in this area. She didn't take it very seriously and because it came so easily to her, she just had fun! She came in second in the 800 and the 400. The relay was funny to watch! She handed the baton to the next girl and then they both just stood there for a minute and watched the other kids run off. Jessica finally told her to "run!". It was cute.

My dad came to their meets. He ran track when he was in High School and used to cheer me on when I ran in Junior High. I don't think he ever missed one of my meets. Running was one of those things that bonded my dad and I when I was younger. Some of my favorite memories I have with my dad are running on the trails at Whiskeytown. He used to tell me that I was one of the most gifted runners he had ever watched, but I think he was little bias. :-) I stopped running track my freshman year. I ran cross country as a sophomore, but never really got back into track after we moved. Sometimes I wonder how I would have done with "real" competition.
Tara April 1993

It brought back so many memories watching my dad position himself around the track so he could cheer Jessica on at just the right time! He sat talking strategy with her before each race and was at each finish line to congratulate her an analyze the strong points of her run. I loved watching him get so excited for her and be so focused on her as she ran. It made my heart soft and full of happiness that I had such a supportive dad in that way, and now Jessica gets to have him as her grandpa!
My Dad and Jessica

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Women's Conference

This was my first year going to Women's Conference at BYU. I decided I would be gone too long to leave Ashlyn at home, but I was really hesitant to drive with her. She is not a huge fan of her car seat and unlike most toddlers, she doesn't sleep in the car! I had waited too long to book a flight and my extremely optimistic sister, who was driving with her daughter , Brynne, convinced me it would be okay and to drive with her.

My beautiful sister, Jen, reading a book on our drive


It was a long drive. We brought movies, snacks, books and Jessica! Ashlyn was so high maintenance!!! We stopped at a play place to get the wiggles out!

Ashlyn, Brynne, and Jessica


The drive was brutal, but we finally got there! We stayed at my aunt Diane's house and went to Women's Conference the next day. The kids went to Janelle's (my other sister) house and played with a babysitter and their cousins.
Rachel (a friend), my mom DaNae, aunt Diane, sister Janelle, sister Jen and Me

We decided we needed a picture with my mom and the sisters...

I was totally in awe of how many women were there!!!
Being in Provo brought back so many memories for me. I hadn't been on the BYU campus for
years! I ran into an old friend who I knew when I lived in Wyview. We were in between classes and didn't have time to catch up. but again, so many memories came back to me. I loved my years in Provo.
We ran into Sue Reese who was a friend of my mom's when we were little. I remember our families getting together every Sunday to have breakfast for dinner! It was the best!
Sue and DaNae
I also got to see one of my favorite people in the whole world! Heather!

Heather and Tara

Heather is one of those friends that it doesn't matter how long it has been since you have seen them, it feels just like yesterday when you do. She honestly came as an answer to a prayer when I was in high school. I had been dating a guy who was leaving on his mission and I wasn't sure how I was going to do without him. He was my best friend and for years, the only person that I felt really knew me. To this day, I still feel like I owe so much of who I am to him.
The night before he left, I had prayed for so many things. I had prayed for strength to get through the next few years, and strength to not lean on him even though he was far away. He needed to be a missionary. I had lots of friends that I hung out with, but I prayed for a friend who could fill that spot. Someone who could know me and love me and inspire me to do and be better. Someone to laugh with and cry to.
The next morning at the airport, we had said goodbye and the plane was starting to board and in ran Heather, wet hair and all! She said she just felt like she should be there. We ditched first period and went to get some breakfast. I was still trying to hold back the tears when she said we should just park in the handicap spot and tell the officer if we got a ticket that we were handicapped today because of my broken heart. I laughed and I knew she came for me.
Somehow, one the second day of Women's Conference, we all ended up in similar colors! It was kind of funny and totally not planned, but picture worthy!

Aunt Diane, Cousin Tawna, Me, Jen, Janelle, DaNae

Just for fun...

We decided we needed a sisters picture...
Tara, Jen and Janelle
Then, Janelle decided we needed a sassy sister picture, which led to this...

I swear I have the best sisters on the planet! Seriously. I learn so much from them everyday. I'm not sure if it is possible, but I think I love Jen even more after this last trip. She was so amazingly patient with Ashlyn and with me. My sisters are awesome! They have been there for me. They've cried with me and laughed with me (and at me!). I look up to them in so many ways (and they are both taller than me!)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

San Francisco

A few weeks ago, Jason had to go to San Francisco for work and wanted me to come with him.
It was in the middle of the week, but we managed to find someone to stay with the kids so we could enjoy a little get away!

It had been really warm at home, so we were in awe of the blanket of fog that set in as we crossed the bridge. It made everything seem cozy and the city lights seem more welcoming.

We stayed in a new, swanky hotel downtown. We felt very posh, posh when we had to use our key card to access one of the top floors where our room was! We grinned at each other and giggled like newlyweds as we walked around the hotel with the staff so eager to assist us. The view from our room was beautiful at night, but of course, I didnt get a picture until morning! The top three floors have access to the private Club Lounge. We felt pretty special as we sat eating our complimentary breakfast in the classy lounge!
When Jason left for work, I slept a little more, lounged around and read my marathon training book, enjoyed the gym at the hotel, and got ready for my day. I remembered how much I love to pamper myself! It was so nice to get ready without Ashlyn sitting on the sink in front of me, playing with my make up brushes or trying to steal my lipstick!
Jason was done at 1pm, so we packed up and went to get some lunch. (I can't believe he can already walk on his leg! He doesn't quite walk with his "Jason swagger", but it's getting stronger everyday!)San Francisco weather is Jason's favorite! The air was crisp with a light breeze, not cold, but not hot either. It always makes him happy!We took turns taking pictures of each other! :-)
We had so much fun! It is amazing how just one night can make you feel totally recharged! I feel so content with my life!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


A few weekends ago, we spent the night up at the McCauley's cabin with some of our friends. We always have such a good time just hanging out.
The crew minus Jen who was behind the camera.Haley and ClaraJeremy, Talli and Jason making breakfast

The kids had such a good time! They spent most of the morning making a really cool fort out of sticks and pine needles! This is how it looked in the beginning... Austin, Drew, Tyler, Jessica, Garrett, Zack, Wes

And this is how it looked when they were done!
Jessica Austin(from the back and left to right)
Drew, Tyler,Zack, Austin, Jessica, Garrett and WesGarrett, Jessica, Austin
It was so nice to see the kids having a good time, playing outside and getting creative! Clara, Brynne, Maryn, Lauren, Austin
The guys played a little game of Horseshoe...
Jason Jeff and Jason Ashlyn watching her dad play
We had a great time and can't wait to go back!