Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back to School

Here's the annual first day of school picture... Jessica 5th grade, Austin 6th grade, Lauren 2nd grade

I can't believe I have a son in 6th grade! I remember 6th grade! Some of my Facebook friends are from 6th grade! Crazy. Austin was feeling a little sick the first day of school. He wasn't excited to get back to school and homework, but he couldn't wait for football to start!
Jessica was excited to get back to school to see her friends, but was sad that neither of her two best friends would be in her class this year. Her 2nd grade teacher is teaching 5th grade this year and will be her teacher again. She really liked her before and is excited to have a teacher that she already knows she likes.
Lauren is a social butterfly and is just excited to see her friends every day!

As for me, I'm always bummed when school starts! Most of my friends are excited to have the kids out of the house again, but I'm dreading being grounded to a schedule. I love our casual summer schedule. I love sleeping in. I love having dinner at 5:30 some days and 8:00 on others. I love being able to take off and go... just to where ever, when ever we want. I love not hurrying the kids in the morning. I love not having to wake them up before they are ready to get out of bed. I love not worrying about homework. I love not having to be totally aware of the time all the time... Ahh, I will miss the summer.
I am looking forward to the fun projects they bring home. I am looking forward to seeing them grow up a little more this year. It always amazes me how much they learn and what they are capable of. I'm really exited to watch Austin play football and cheer Jessica on as she runs cross country, but that really all the good things I can think of. Oh, and the school carnival. Haha! I don't know why, but I really enjoy it every year!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ahh... Summer...


AshlynJessica, Ashlyn, LaurenAshlyn, Jessica, LaurenJessica and Lauren

School starts on Monday... I will miss these summer moments...

Monday, August 10, 2009

The Ranch

When we were out at the ranch last week, I took some pictures of the kids. Someone asked me about the ranch and how it all started. So, here's the story of the Ranch:

For as long as I have known Jason, he has loved to ride motorcycles! I grew up out in the country and rode quads as a kid, but it had been a long time. While we were dating, we bought a quad for me and had so much fun riding together! We wanted the kids to be able to ride with us, so for our first Christmas together, Jason bought the kids little quads!
Jessica and Austin December 2005

We have a friend who owns a ranch just a few miles out of town. He had invited us to come out and ride as often as we wanted. I don't think he knew what he was getting himself into at the time! If Jason had it his way, we would have lived out there! Not wanted to crowd his space or overstay the invitation, Jason offered to lease an unused area of the property. Our friend generously agreed.

We spent almost every weekend out there for the first year or two! Saturday couldn't ever come soon enough and the sun always seemed to go down before we were ready to go leave.

Jason loved to get on the tractors and work on making a track for us to ride!
Jason and Austin


Last year, a group of our friends got together and decided that we were outgrowing our homegrown track. The kids were getting bigger, the bikes were getting bigger and everyone was getting better and wanted more of a challenge. They hired a guy to come out and put in a professional style motocross track!

The track has taken on a new life! When Jason's mind finally shifts from work, he's thinking about how to keep the track wet, so we can ride year round, without creating too much dust and upsetting the neighbors.

He bought a water truck (the group all went in together on it) a few months ago. We picked it up from the shop one day after Jason got home from work. It was so funny to see him in his shirt and tie driving this monster of a truck! I wish I had a picture! Here is Jason and the water truck out at the ranch.His toys seem to keep getting bigger... Jason recently hired a guy to take him up in a plane so he could take some areal pictures to help him design an irrigation system.

The Ranch

The track has become part of our life and has created memories that I am sure, the kids will never forget.

Last weekend, we put in a few much needed hours cleaning out our storage container, where we keep our quads and motorcycles. AustinGarrett and Wes came out to help tooLauren (always posing) Jessica and AustinAshlynAustin and his cousins, Wes and GarrettAshlyn and Lauren

Ashlyn and Lauren

It was hard work, but it was actually fun working together as a family. As Jason likes to say, "Someday, when we look back and remember, these will be the good ole days."

Saturday, August 8, 2009


This summer, Jason and I have been playing on a co-ed softball team with some friends. Our season just ended and we will miss getting out and playing together. Mike and Margaret
Our team wasn't great, but we had our moments and lots of laughs.
I hope we get to play again next year!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

San Francisco and the Exploratorium

Last weekend, we decided to get away from the heat and head to The City with the kids. We invited some friends and met at the Exploratorium. The kids loved all of the hands-on exhibits! Austin and LaurenLauren , Kylie and JessicaAustin, Lauren V, Reed, Kylie, Shelly, Ashlyn, JasonCute KylieLauren and AustinShelly, Kylie, Lauren, Reed
(trying to keep still so their picture would show up on another screen)Ashlyn and JasonJessica

When we were all done at the Exploratorium, we headed over to Pier 39 for a little clam chowder in sourdough bread bowls! Yum! (The kids opted for pizza... Someday I will get them to try new things!)

These cute grins
Kylie and Jessica

and this sad face convinced us to stop for a ride on the Carousel!

Tara, Ashlyn and Austin

The girls rode on the second floor and had so much fun, but out a view for a good picture!
Next, we headed over to see the Sea Lions. Ashlyn and Jason
Lauren , Jessica and Kylie
Jason and Tara
Ashlyn and Austin
Ashlyn really liked the Sea Lions, but she kept saying that they were "stinky!"
I couldn't believe how cold it was! We drove just a few hours and it felt like we were in a different season!
Reed and Lauren trying to keep warm

Our family
We wandered around the Pier a little bit more and finally headed home. It was nice to get out of town with the kids and enjoy some nice cool weather and fun friends.