Monday, September 21, 2009

Fall Sports Part 1

One of the only things I look forward to when school starts back up in the fall, is watching my kids play sports! Austin is playing football, Jessica is running Cross Country and Lauren is playing soccer. I think they each deserve their own post! :-)

Austin had a tough decision to make this year. Varsity vs Junior Varsity. The max weight limit for football is 125lbs and the minimum is 65lbs. Austin weighs in at a whopping 73lbs which was likely to translate into not very much playing time if he decided to play Varsity. His coach told him he would get a lot of playing time if he played on the JV team. He had a few friends that had decided to play JV. So, Austin decided he preferred time on the field to time on the bench.

I'm so glad he made that decision! It has been so much fun to watch him this year! He is the starting running back and plays defense as well. (I can't remember what position he plays! I just know where he stands!)

Austin #40
He scored a touchdown at his first game in the Football Carnival! The Football Carnival kicks off the season. Every school in their area comes and they play a bunch of short games at the big high school stadium. It really gets everybody excited about football!
He has a game every Friday and I look forward to it all week! I love to see how excited he gets when he has a good game or a great play! He is such a cute kid!
Austin with the footballbreaking away catch me if you can!

My cute nephew Garrett (#48) is playing on the JV team this year too! He is such a tough guy! It is so fun to watch him get scrappy out there!
Austin, Carson, Garrett

I am already loving this football season!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day- noun 1. a legal holiday 2. the last day of the year to wear white pants 3. the summer's last hurrah

Even though summer is not officially over for a few weeks, Labor Day marks the end of summer for me. School is in, soccer season is here, football games and cross country meets start on Friday for the kids. The weather starts to cool off and Halloween costumes are already in the stores!

This last weekend, we went out to Millerton Lake with the McCauley's for the "last hurrah" of the summer.

Austin and AshlynJason and Ashlyn
Last chance to decide it was time wake board...
Austin got up on his first try!AustinTara
Last chance to see how high he can jump the wake
Jason (doesn't he have great arms?!)
Last chance to wipe out!
The girls wanted to try to U ski
Last chance to learn how to wake surf
AustinAaron and JessicaJessica
Last chance to jump in and cool off in the lake
Tara, Ashlyn and Clara
Last time this year that I will see these happy sunburned faces out on the lake
Last time we will watch the sky change as the sun sinks, while we try to steal one last turn before it is gone...

Good-bye summer.

Thanks Aaron and Haley for another great summer and being a part of so many fun memories!