Monday, March 30, 2009

Lauren Turns 7!

Last week, Lauren turned 7! We celebrated her birthday at Pump It Up! We all had so much fun playing on the inflatables!Eliza and Lauren

Lauren and JessieAshlyn and Grandma (DaNae)

Lauren and Maryn

Lauren and Mom (Tara)

7 fun facts about Lauren:

1. Lauren loves to sing and she can't not sing when she is blow drying her hair! Turning the dryer on is like pushing play. It is really funny to watch!

2. Lauren is just naturally a happy person. However...

3. lately, she has been testing her limits to see what she can get away with without getting in trouble...

4. Lauren loves "fashion" and has her own sense of style. She loves to put together outfits that she thinks are "cool".
5. Lauren loves to wear makeup (lip gloss) and nail polish and hair accessories!

6. Lauren loves to read and often reads to her baby sister.
7. When Lauren was a baby, I knew that she came for me. Not for me to be her mother, but for her to be my daughter. She had such a sweet, calming effect on me and I knew that I needed her in my life.
Tara and Lauren

Happy Birthday Little Lou Lou! I love you!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sam's Wedding

Life has been so crazy lately and I feel busier than I ever have been! When I started this blog, my goal was to post at least once a week. There isn't always "events" to post about, so I thought it was a good goal that would give me some time to post my thoughts or memories about the kids or just life in general on the weeks when we didn't have anything going. I really wanted the kids to have some sort of record of their life and, heaven forbid, anything ever happen to me, they would have another way to know me. I love to keep in touch with all of you and I love blogging for that reason, but I realized that unless you share your memories or record them, when you die, so do your memories. Morbid, maybe, but true. So, thanks for checking in and leaving your comments. It makes it more fun for me to blog right now. It will be years before my kids really care if I blog or not! Haha! Anyway, so here I am needing to post, but way short on time. So, if I'm boring or short... just enjoy the pictures! :-)

Jason's brother, Sam, got married last week! We are so happy for him and his new wife, Mindy! She is absolutely perfect for him and we just love her!

I had to add these pictures from the car ride up! (That is always half of the adventure!) The kids are SO sweet with Ashlyn. She LOVES puppies, so Lauren put a puppy game on her Nintendo DS and let Ashlyn play with it for part of the ride. It was really sweet and you can tell from her smile how happy it made her...Lauren loves to get dressed up and be girly! I was running a little late, so we let her curlers set in the car. What a cutie!(Jason still needed a lot of help and because his hands are full of crutches, he can't carry anything! I think it has made me appreciate how much help he was before he broke his leg!)Sam and Mindy at the reception

Ashlyn and Aunt Danale

Jason and his little brother, Sam

Jason and Tara
Lauren, Austin, Jessica
(I couldn't get Ashlyn to sit still to stay in the picture!)

Jason and Lauren

Austin and Ashlyn have such a sweet relationship! Her adores her and she loves him! It is so sweet. Here is a picture of Austin dancing with Ashlyn. I'm sad I didn't get a good picture of it! She looks bored but I think I must have caught her in between expressions because she was so happy to be on the dance floor!

Austin and Ashlyn

Monday, March 23, 2009

Broken Bones

A few weeks ago, Jason was out at the Ranch, doing what he loves... He landed a jump pretty hard and his heel hit the ground. He said he felt like there was an explosion in his boot! He called me and asked how I was doing and what I was up to before he told me he thought he might have broken his ankle! I asked if he was okay and how his bike was. He said his bike was fine. He didn't crash and he even drove it back over to the container to park it before rolling onto the ground in pain! He said Austin was a big help getting everything put away and they were on their way home. I couldn't believe he was driving!

I called the hospital to get him in for an xray. They said they could get him in right away, but he said he wanted to take a shower first! He couldn't put any pressure on it and it was swelling up pretty quickly, but he really wanted to be clean...

Here he is getting into the car to get his ankle looked at. Can you see how big it is?

Sure enough, it was broken. They put him in an air cast and made an appointment for him to come back on Monday for a CT scan, so they could get a better look at it.

I wish I could have gotten pictures from the CT scan so you can actually see how bad it is. Jason's doctor just kept saying what a nasty injury it was and how this isn't the kind of thing that heals up like it never happened. The doctor said he wanted Jason to come back the next day for surgery.

After two hours of surgery, he came out with new hardware! He had three screws, complete with washers, and over a dozen staples in his leg! They let me sit with him while the anesthesia wore off. He tried so hard to wake up. He was pretty funny and then super sweet. It was totally worth all the days of sitting around the hospitals!

The doctor said absolutely no pressure on his leg for at least 6 weeks. He said in six weeks he should be able to go back to his air cast and start putting some pressure on it.

The next few days were pretty rough for Jason. He was on pain meds around the clock. By Friday he was feeling a lot better and getting stir crazy being cooped up in the house. He took some vicodin before we left and went out with some friends. Vicodin makes him so funny!! We were laughing pretty hard! Jeremy, Talli, and Jason

He is getting used to the cast. He has to take baths, which he hates. (Jason usually takes at least two showers a day! Mr. Clean!) He can hop about anywhere and is a pro at the stairs. He has mastered driving with his left foot. (I was STRONGLY opposed to this at first and even drove him to Bakersfield for his first day back at work. He finally convinced me that he is pretty good at it and it isn't as dangerous as I think it is.) And he is enjoying the motorized shopping carts at the grocery store and Costco!

He gets to spend a lot of time on the couch when he is home...Ashlyn and Jason looking at animals on his computer
He has mastered his crutches and even got into a crutch race with Phil who had knee surgery a few weeks ago! I wish I had that on video! It was pretty funny! I think they may be faster on those crutches than on foot!
Jason and Phil

I think he is willing himself better. The doctor said it is healing as well as they could possibly hope for and he may be able to go back to his air cast next week! He still wouldn't be able to put pressure on it, but at least he could take it off to get in the shower!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Austin Turns 11!

Austin turned 11 on March 4th! I can't believe he is growing up so fast! It seems like just yesterday he was my baby! We celebrated his birthday at Laser Tag with his friends. They opened an hour early for us, so we had the whole place to ourselves!


Lauren was a little nervous about going in by herself, so they let Grandma go in with her. She is such a good sport!
Jessica, Grandma, (DaNae), and Lauren

I am a huge fan of having birthday parties somewhere other than my house! It is just so easy! There is no set up or clean up and when it is over, you are done! Love it!
I am so proud of the young man that Austin is becoming. He is such a good kid with a fun personality! He is incredibly easy to get a long with and he has such a good heart!
A few weeks ago as we were leaving church, I heard Austin say, "Can I help you?" I turned around and saw him walking back toward the church to an elderly woman in our ward. She was standing hesitantly at the top of the steps, holding a few books. She smiled when she saw him approach and reach out his hand to her. She looked uncertain, but handed him her books and took the hand rail with one hand and his shoulder with the other. As I watched him help this woman down the stairs, my heart swelled. I was so proud of him for noticing a need and wanting to help. He always amazes me and I love him so much!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Oahu- Our Last Day

We spent our last day on Oahu. It has such a different feeling than the other islands. It is someplace that I am so glad to have been to because there is so much to see and it is really pretty, but I don't think I would ever vacation there. It just feels so busy. It is beautiful though!

We went to Pearl Harbor when we were there before. The Polynesian Cultural center is there, BYU Hawaii, Waikiki Beach... all stuff that you should experience. Waikiki reminded me of Las Vegas with a beach instead of casinos. There is sort of a main street and people everywhere!

After we checked in at the airport, we spent most of our day on Sunset Beach. The waves were huge and there were a few people surfing. The sand felt amazing! It was so soft!Jeff
Jen had been taking some pictures of Jeff and off the beautiful scenery. Jason thought it would be fun to steal the show and pretend to propose again!
I thought he was cute but there were people all over! I'm sure they already thought we were crazy because we had "Natalie" with us. (Jason said he would post about that one... stay tuned!)

I was so glad Jen got these pictures of us being silly. They are fun memories to have captured! Thanks Jen! It was such a fun trip and one I'm sure we will do again...

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Last day of the Cruise

Our last day in Kauai, we did a little shopping and hung out on the beach in front of the Kauai Marriott.
Jason and Tara

We had to be back on the ship early that day to pack up and get ready to depart the next morning.
The pool on our ship. Down in front, you can see Jen and Jason.TaraTara and Jason

After we took in all we could of the Hawaiian sunshine, we went back to our rooms to pack and get ready for dinner. We ate in a Tepanyakai restaurant where we met some pretty funny people from Boston. The servers sang to us and brought out a cake to celebrate our anniversary-again! Nope, it never got old!

We took advantage of our last night on the ship to take more pictures just in case we hadn't taken enough already! ;-)
I love this picture of Jeff and Jen!us....

Goofing off... Jeff, Tara, Jason
We had wanted a good picture of our guys together. They had been so patient about taking pictures. I think they actually even enjoyed it up until now. When the count got to three, this is what we got!

They are pretty funny! Since Jason has moved down here, Jeff has always been there for him. Jason says Jeff is like a brother to him. He is such a good friend to Jason. Jeff is one of those guys that you can call at any time and he would drop whatever he is doing to help you out however he can. He really has such a good heart and I'm glad he is my brother-in-law.

Since it was our last night, we wanted to make the most of our time! We went back to the saloon to sing some karaoke...Jason and Jeff (The picture is from the another night)

and then we went to check out another party that was supposed to be happening. There was almost nobody there! (I think everyone was packing!) We had met a newlywed couple from Australia that we had hung out with on the ship a few times and they were there. There was also a couple that we had seen a few nights before, that we swear had to be a mail order bride situation! They were there too...

We decided it to just have fun dancing anyway! It was like our own private party! Well, until we noticed this crazy chick there! She had to have been drunk and came over to dance with us! (In the green shirt)Jeff got this picture of her putting her hands in my hair! The looks on every one's faces was so funny! She was nuts! But we laughed pretty hard!
We left the "party" late and headed back to our rooms. We didn't want our trip to be over, but we were really looking forward to seeing the kids. It was one of those nights that I loved having a balcony in our room. We opened the door and could see the far away lights from land. It was the perfect end to a wonderful trip. I felt like it was our last day, but we still had one more day in Oahu after our cruise was over.