Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Night Life

And A Few Things I've Come to Realize

Okay, last post about the cruise, I promise. When I look back at these pictures, it just makes me so happy! I have the best friends! They are so much fun and I really feel blessed to have them in my life.

So, here are a few things I've come to realize and a little peak at the fun night life on the ship! I've come to realize that it doesn't matter where I go with these couples, I'm going to have a great time! By then end of our cruise, everyone else on the ship realized it too! We were the party!

Jeff and Jen Aaron and Haley

Jeremy and Talli

Lynette and Phil

and usTara and Jason

We loved each Port of Call and every new experience along the way, but the best part of our trip was just hanging out with our friends! Every night we looked forward to getting dressed up and being part of the night life on the ship. We would agree on a time to be ready to head out for the night and then, we all gathered in the hall, where our rooms were stacked one after another.

A few nights, these guys realized that these girls might take a little longer to get ready

and they might have a few minutes to play a hand or two if they hurried downstairs...
They also realized that and that these girls are worth the wait!!

Most nights we ate in the Dining Room. It took a few days for us to realize that we could get most of the same food at the buffet if we didn't have as much time to spend at dinner. We also realized that the food was never going to be fabulous anywhere we ate on the ship, but when all else fails, there is always ice cream.

We went to few shows in this theater and by watching the curtain, we realized just how much the boat was actually rocking!We also realized that the dancers are MUCH cuter from the balcony seats than they are close up!! YIKES!!!

We saw a hypnotist show one night and realized just how entertaining a good imagination can be... We realized that sometimes we might start the night looking like this...
but after a few hours of late night dancing
we just might look like this!

We learned very quickly that this guy is named Vitalliand if we somehow managed to forget that we were on vacation, he would quickly remind us.


He was the Karaoke director and we realized that if we found him, we would be sure to laugh and singeven if we didn't know all of the words It was impossible not to realize that the guys were much better at karaoke than we were! They sang "California Girls" to us on the second night on the ship. We ran up on the stage when they were done, just like adoring fans, to hug and kiss our guys. So cheesy, but so fun! After that, we were known as the California Crew.
We found Vitalli and karaoke whenever we could. One night, we found him in the middle of the ship! That didn't stop our guys! They got up and sang and entertained the masses!Yep, that's them right under the big screen. By then, they had some fans! We cheered them on from the deck and then relaxed under the stars in some lounge chairs. I've come to realize that a night out with these girls

and these guys

is "gonna be a good night." "Whooo-hooo!"

Oh, and you can never have enough karaoke nights!

Grand Turk

I almost forgot Grand Turk! Beautiful beaches... blue water... catered to the cruise ships, so not really the type of place you would go if you weren't on a cruise ship. :-P

Jen, Jeff, Jeremy and Jason went out for another dive.

This was their Dive Master...

Just the picture and the label "Dive Master" make me laugh! Needless to say, it wasn't the best experience. The equipment was bad and the Dive Master was pretty nonchalant when Jeremy ran out of air and Jason's mask kept filling up with water...
They said the dive site was beautiful though.

The rest of us hung out on this beautiful beach, just soaking in the sun...
well, while it lasted anyway. A storm came through and the rain cleared out the entire beach! Everyone went running for the ship!
I ducked into one of the shops and bought a new swim suit!The rain didn't last long and the dive crew met up with us in time to hit the last session of the FlowRider "I can flex it off!"

They had a good time learning how to surf, but it was so cold while they were waiting for their turn! Jeremy, Jeff and Jen watched the FlowRider from the warm pool. After they were done, we hung out in Margaritaville and had dinner.

We were some of the very last people to board the ship. We enjoyed every moment on land... and then lived it up some more with the night life!