Friday, May 21, 2010

We Are Moving!

We are moving! I won't have Internet for about a week, but here a sneak peak! Details and more pictures will come soon! Wish me luck and happy painting!
I can't wait to hang out in this pool all summer!!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

March Birthday's

Yes, I realize it's May. So, I'm a little behind...

March was a busy month for birthday's. Austin's came first. He is in 6th grade and just turned 12. That means a couple of things:

1. Trucks, action figures, and most toys are no longer cool.
2. Birthday party decorations are just for the mom
3. It's really not cool for mom to take pictures at the party

He had 13 boys over for an Xbox playing all nighter. The boys had a blast and I really don't think they had more than an hour or two of sleep! We turned the garage over to them with a whole bunch of XL pizzas, soda, chips, and candy. I wish I had taken before and after pictures, but there really isn't a way to capture on film the way a room smells after having that many boys in one place. :-) Next, was my dad's birthday. My mom was out of town, so Jen and I took him to a movie and lunch while the kids were at school. That evening, he came over to our house for cake and ice cream and a few gifts. The kids were really excited to celebrate Grandpa's birthday with him. Isn't he cute?My dad is seriously the best grandpa any kid could ask for! They all adore him. He loves to pick up the kids from school and they get so excited when they see his van out waiting for him. He says it's a nice break in his day and a chance to see the kids, even if its just for a few minutes. There isn't anywhere my girls would rather be than hanging out with their grandpa.

My dad is a runner. He always has been. He has gone through phases of not running, but once you are a runner (not to be confused with a jogger), you are always a runner. It's just in you. It's in your heart and part of who you are, even when you aren't lacing up the running shoes. Anyway, it's track season and Jessica is running track. Lately, my dad has stepped back into his running shoes and has been stopping by to pick up Jessica to run with him.

She loves to run with her Grandpa and talk about her day. She soaks in all the information he gives her about how to run and tries all of his tricks and tips. She comes home loving running and looking forward to her next run with Grandpa. It always makes me smile to hear about. I was about her age when I started running with my dad. They are still some of my favorite memories with him.

All of these examples of why my dad is such a wonderful grandpa and dad are flooding my mind. I think I could take up PAGES talking about why he is so great, but since I'm short on time and behind in blogging, I will just say that I am so happy for my kids that they have him in their lives. I just had to throw this picture in here. My dad had come by one afternoon. I happened to have my camera in the kitchen and snapped this picture of him helping Lauren with her homework. It was one of those moments that my heart took a picture and I felt so lucky to have this wonderful man as my dad. I am so grateful that my kids have so many people in their lives that love and support them.

Next was Lauren's birthdayTravis threw her a party at John's Incredible Pizza.She had a blast goofing off with her friendsOur host made balloon hearts, flowers and even balloon braceletsLauren made a wish and blew out her candlesShe opened presents from her friendsand her familyThey played Laser TagAnd then we rode on the rides and played some games

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sleeping Bunny

Ashlyn is slowly growing out of her nick name "Bunny", but it will always make me smile when I remember it. She has a million nick names- shoop-er-doop, bunny bear, bun bun, linus, sissy... but when she is in her jammies she is "snuggle bug" to me. I just want to squeeze her 'cause she is so cute! I love her crazy bed head hair... I love it that she drags her blankie and bunny around with her when she is tired.

Pajamas are her outfit of choice. Anything else I put on her will only last an hour or two before she strips it off and puts on her pajamas again. So, on most days, if you drop by our house in the middle of the day Ashlyn will most likely be wearing pajamas. If you catch her in clothes, it is probably because we just got back from the store, park, etc and she hasn't had a chance to sneak away and change her clothes.
She doesn't like going to sleep alone and can usually convince daddy to sleep with her on Sunday afternoons

Sometimes, daddy falls asleep first...Notice the "lanky" in all the pictures? :-)
Sometimes at night she will convince Jessica or Lauren to sleep in her bed with her. A few weeks ago we came upstairs to go to bed and found Ashlyn in bed with Austin. Poor guy was hugging the wall! He will do almost anything to make his baby sister happy.
She is growing up way too fast and I hope I don't ever forget these moments.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

I've been letting my goal of once a week blogging slide... I've been so busy! So, because I have minute and these pictures have already been uploaded off my camera...

Here are a few pictures from an evening at the park- last month!

Jason was working late, so we picked up some Subway and a blanket and spent the evening at the park.

My mom was out of town, so my dad came over and hung out with us. He is the best!! Ashlyn wasn't too sure about the bridge...