Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Anytime I see a picture of Whiskeytown Lake, I feel peace. It feels like home and there is something so comforting about it. It's part of me.When I was growing up, I would look forward to going to Whiskeytown for months and as soon as we came home, it seemed I was counting down the days until we could go again.I loved playing in the trees and in the lake with my cousins and staying up late playing cards with my grandma and aunts and uncles. As I have become an adult and have a family of my own, Whiskeytown has changed for me, but it has made me more grateful for my parents and all that they did to keep the tradition alive. Sometimes, I question if it is worth all the time it takes to pack up my family to camp in a tent for a week or listen to the "how much longer"s on the 5 1/2 hour drive to get there, but as the sun sets over the lake, I feel peace. I feel at home and I'm glad we made the trip.

The kids love to go to Whiskeytown just as much as I did when I was a kid! Here are a few highlights from this year:
Sterling and Katie set up "The Amazing Race" for the kids.
Here they are getting ready to start.They were put in teams and had a bunch a fun tasks to complete, like naming all 50 states, correctly identifying Poison Oak, collect a certain number of acorns, name the birthdates of a certain number of relatives, some sort of rock toss and kayaking or canoeing across our cove of the lake and back. Wes and GarrettLauren helping Brynne get her life jacket onLauren, Brynne and JessicaAustin and Sequoia
The kids had a blast!
My mom found a baby dear on one of the little islands in the lake, so we took all of the kids out to see it.
It was so cute and really fast! I also learned that dear can swim! I had no idea. (Hey Melissa, can you email those pictures you took out on the island?)
We spent some time out on the old boat. It is the same boat that was around when I was a kid and somehow it hasn't been retired yet. It's like 95 in boat years, I'm sure! My Dad

Ashlyn Jason
Jason and Ashlyn

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Playing Catch Up- Mother's Day Weekend

There are just a few things I want to post before I forget. I fell behind on blogging with the move, but since I use this as our family journal, I'm going back and playing catch up.

Mother's Day weekend was a really nice weekend. Skyler got baptized the Saturday before Mother's Day, so we loaded up the kids and spent the day in the bay area. His baptism wasn't until 4pm, so we met up with some of Jason's long time friends and had lunch at the park. The kids were happy to run around together while we chatted and oohh-ed over their darling new baby.

We got to church just in time for a quick change of clothes in the bathroom and sat down just in time for the baptism. Sam baptized Skyler and we all felt Ronna's presence as he was confirmed a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints. We spent the rest of the evening having dinner and visiting with family. It was a beautiful day.

The next day was Mother's Day. The kids made me breakfast in bed (Austin took a few pictures)
I got lots of very sweet cards and some yummy cupcakes!
I think Mother's Day is my favorite Sunday at church. :-) I love to hear the kids sing in the program and there are always great talks on motherhood. It always makes me want to be a better mother.
I know Mother's Day is supposed to be a day to celebrate mothers, but I just couldn't help feeling overwhelmed with gratitude for my kids. They are so incredibly good to me and I wouldn't know what to do without them. They are each so unique and incredible in their own way. I feel truly honored to be my children's mother.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lions and Tigers and Bears- Oh My!!

Lions and Tigers and Bears don't have anything on Bees and Spiders and... Frogs- OH MY!!

The new house has been an adventure already!! We were unloading a truck load of furniture when we heard a loud hum coming from the roof...

Bees!!! Wow! Seriously??! I discovered a few years ago that I am actually allergic to bees. I don't think its a severe allergy, but I stepped on one and my foot swelled up like Fred Flinstone's and the lower part of my leg started to get puffy. No fun. So, my cute husband made us stay in the house and called a Bee Guy (What else do you call them? They aren't all Bee Keepers...).

So, this guy came out and did his magic.

He got honey half way up his drill and said the bee hive has likely been there a few years!! It sounds like we will have a bee problem every year until we take apart the chimney stack and remove the hive and make the smell go away so it doesn't attracted other bees who will "raid" or claim the hive as their own. Fun, fun, but as it gets hot outside, my living room has a very sweet smell coming through the vents of the fireplace...

So, we dealt with the bee problem, decided to take a break from all of our moving and spend the day on the lake with our friends. When we came home, we found this new "friend" on our front door!

OH MY!! It looks like it could eat me!! YIKES! So, Jason caught it, but only after we sprayed it with some serious bug spray! THEN, we are closing up for the night and I see the little guy hoping down the hall. Yes, same day. I don't know why but the whole "lions and tigers and bears" thing came to my mind and I just couldn't get it out. Maybe it was because I kept saying and thinking "Oh My!".

The frogs, I don't mind. It reminds me of when I was a kid and used to catch baby frogs. The kids think its funny when I jump or let out a little surprise gasp if one jumps across my foot! "Will someone come get the frog out of the house?" is quickly becoming part of my regular vocabulary.
They are actually kinda cute and have provided hours of entertainment for Ashlyn ...

So, the frogs were helpful and allowed me to spend the better part of a few weeks with a paint brush in hand!
This room was turned into our guest room/officebeforeafterThis room was painted purple to look like Ashlyn's room in our old house.My mom came over and helped us preserve the castle. I thought it was too cute to paint over.Now it looks like thisI painted the bathroom neutral.Austin didn't think he could sleep in a purple room so this room went from this

To this
The girls still want their rooms painted and I have a few other rooms that I would like to paint but, because they don't look terrible with what I put in there, they are going to have to wait until we get all the way moved in and settled.
I'll post house pics when we are settled. I am still trying to figure out where to put things and keep getting distracted by the pool in the backyard!
Oh, on that note... guess what the kids found in the pool a few days ago? A MOUSE!!!! Ewwww!!! It must have been kicked in by the yard buy when he mowed the lawn earlier in the day. "Seriously?!" I don't think anything will surprise me anymore.
June 23
Okay, so I posted some house pics in our picasa album under New House. I only have pictures of the rooms that we are mostly moved in to. I'll post more as we get settled.