Saturday, August 28, 2010

Exciting Weekend

But first...
I hate to have a private blog because I am terrible at checking my friends blogs that are private. They never show up on the top of my blog list, so I don't know when they have posted something new. So, I hope that you don't forget about me. I don't feel like the nature of this blog is "private" information, but I was very disturbed a few weeks ago when someone came to my site from google images and downloaded pictures of my girls. It was a reminder that we live in a world with some pretty creepy people! So, thanks for the email addresses and for checking in and seeing what we are up to. It makes me feel loved.
There is never a dull moment around here! Last month, we had an exciting weekend. It started off with a Friday night pool side baseball game with friends. We ate yummy food, but did more goofing off with our friends than watching the game. It's awesome what some people will do for a $20 dare!!30 seconds in the ice cold beverage bar!

A firework show ended the night with a BANG!
Saturday morning, Danale and Justin came to visit for the rest of the weekend and brought Jason's dad with them. We always have such a good time with them.

We played in the park

I think we had more fun than the kids!

We spent most of the afternoon swimming and barbecuing

Colton dunks it!

Jason's dad said he felt like he was on vacation! It was so relaxing to just hang out together.

Sunday morning, we had a big breakfast and told everyone our big news!

I'm pregnant!The ultrasound picture is from a couple of weeks ago. I'm due March 22.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Going Private

I never thought I would, but it seems I need to. If you want to be invited to view our blog, please leave me your email address in the comments or email me at TaraM22atgmaildotcom. I don't care if you are an old friend from way back when, a friend of a friend or just an occasional drop in. There isn't anything on this blog that I feel is so private that anyone passing through shouldn't read, but I just need to make sure that there aren't any crazy creeps stopping by to check out pictures of my kids. (And if you are the crazy creep, I've tagged your computer and saved your info. You've been warned.)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Goodbye for Now

Every so often in your life, you meet someone who just gets you and you know you will be friends forever. Both Jeremy and Talli are those friends to us. We were so sad when we heard that they would be moving to South Dakota! (Jen wrote a beautiful blog post titled Heavy Hearts that describes how we were all feeling. )

It was hard to imagine what it would be like without them. Jason and I were talking one night and tried to remember what it was like before they were here. We still have so many of the same wonderful friends that we did before. We had great laughs and great memories before them, but it still felt like a huge hole would be left in our lives and in our hearts. We tried to comfort ourselves with how easy it is to pick up the phone and how many trips and visits we would plan for the near future.

Tiffany had everyone to her house for a going away party the Saturday night before they moved. Everyone came out say goodbye and have "one last night of fun" all together.

Adam, Dave, Aaron, Jeremy, Jason, Jeff, Logan,?Empy?, Josh
Jamie, Misty, MeganEmily and AmyThe Poulsens and The LawrencesHaley and MeMegan and AshlynJosh, Jeff, Jason, Jeremy, Logan, Jeff

We had a fun night hanging out with our friends and reminiscing about good times. It reminded me of something Jason used to say. "These are the good old days" It's true. We are so lucky to have so many fun memories and such great friends. We said goodbye that night but new we had a few more days before they actually drove away.
The going away party just kept going. The kids squeezed in as many "last" sleepovers as they could over the next couple of days and we were all relieved when the Poulsens decided to stay "just one more day". We were not ready to really say goodbye. We gathered again for one more "one last night" at our house. More barbecue, swimming, hugs and laughs
Maryn and Abby

The tears came on and off through out the night. We knew it really was time for them to go...

Jason, Jeremy and JeffTalli and Me Emily and DaveGarrett and Drew, my seriously cute nephews!

Keenan, Drew, Zack, Austin, Garrett

Aaron, Jeff and JasonClara, Haley, PeytonLizaJayne and TiffanyJessica and Lauren
I love it when my girls remember they are the best of friends!

Austin, me, and Lauren

We swam until way after dark. (We are LOVING the solar heater on the pool!)

These boys are going to miss each other so much!! Austin, Garrett, Tyler, Zack, Drew and Wes in the back
Jen and Talli

Everyone stayed until the kids were beyond tired and one by one began to leave. It got quieter and emptier as each family left... Hugs, tears, promises to visit soon and more tears. We stood out in the driveway until the tail lights turned the corner. Ashlyn added to the drama crying, "Megan! Megan! I want Megan!" Ahh, yes, heavy hearts indeed.