Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Christmas is always my favorite time of year. I love holiday music and winter coats. I love the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping. I love to see my family and all of the traditions that come with it. It is always such a busy time, but somehow I have always managed to just enjoy the moments... But this year, it seemed to just slip by. I don't know if I was just too busy or preoccupied with other things going on in my life, but I feel like Christmas just slipped by! Here is what my December looked like:

The Christmas tree went up and was decorated with help from the kids.

The kids wrapped 90% of the presents this year! They were all so excited to go shopping for their sibling for Christmas and couldn't wait to come home and wrap what they bought and then ask if there was anything else they could wrap. Lauren had her last elementary school Winter Program. She loves to be on stage and preform!

Ashlyn is really starting to understand that we are having a baby. She came up to my tummy one day and put her arms around it the best she could and whispered, "I love you baby Paige."
With the understanding and excitement of having a baby also comes the occasional rebellion. "I don't want to be a big sister! I want to be the baby." She found a pacifier about a month ago (she has NEVER taken a pacifier even when we tried when she was a baby) and loves to put it in her mouth and drag her blankie around.The big kids are always asking if they can feel the baby and wanting me to read to them about my pregnancy. "How big is she now?", "How much does she weigh?", "Is she moving right now?".As you can tell, Jason is still playing with the camera a lot! He is getting SO good! It's nice though because he is capturing all of these "real" moments in our lives that we wouldn't otherwise have. (Like me in my jammies! I just realized Ashlyn is doing my hair in the picture above. That has been her new thing. She tells me she wants to make my hair "stylish".) Everyone is so used to seeing the camera, so it is easy to ignore. Most of the time he is just checking lighting and the pictures get deleted, so we don't really think anything of it.

The other night, he took pictures of us doing dishes and cleaning up after dinner. I'm not sure if he was just trying to get out of cleaning up or it really was a new lighting he hadn't tried to shoot in before. :-) It was actually kind of fun looking back at pictures of our everyday life and not just events that we pull the camera out for. (To be fair, he usually does most of the cleaning up after dinner. I'm usually the last one finished eating because I am busy helping the kids, so he gets up and gets most of it done before I even finish my dinner.)
Lauren had her Christmas Dance performance.She is so much fun to watch because she just loves it! Maryn and Lauren

Ashlyn helped me make my Sugar Cookies this year.

She managed to get flour everywhere!

I love this happy face!

I continued to grow! I took my 6th month picture a little late, but here I am closer to 6 1/2 months along.
We went to a couple of Christmas parties. Jen's annual Christmas party and white elephant gift exchange is something I always look forward to! I always laugh so hard that my cheeks hurt!

Jeff, Haley and Jason

The highlight of the white elephant gift exchange this year was definitely the live chicken that Aaron got!Justin Bieber was also a hot item and ended up going home with Jason SmithPeople get more creative every year and it is always so much fun!

We went to another Christmas party at the Greenlaw's and had fun socializing with with our friends and eating yummy food.

So, there is December and we haven't even gotten to Christmas! Don't forget Danale had her baby and we went to Newport and Disneyland! Busy, busy, busy and so much fun! Next year I will have to remember to take the time to enjoy the little things and start playing my Christmas music a little earlier.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Disneyland and Newport

A few weeks ago, we took the kids down to Disneyland and Newport to spend some time with the Poulsen's, who were visiting California. I think they were more excited to see their friends than to go to Disneyland. There was so much energy and it was so fun to see them so happy!

Ashlyn, Jessica and Megan waiting to go to Disneyland

Ashlyn is at that age, where everything is new and magical. She had been watching utube videos of little girls meeting the princesses and Minnie Mouse all week on the ipad and was so excited to meet Minnie Mouse! (We are still amazed at how well she navigates around on that thing!) Lauren and Abby with MinnieTalli, Macie, Megan and Minnie

Of course, after we waited in line and got to Minnie, Ashlyn wasn't to sure about her and tried to hide behind my legs and then wanted to be held where she could take a look from a safe distance. She liked playing in Minnie's house though. I have so many cute pictures and I've been bad about updating my Picasa album. Maybe I'll get to that later today... Look at her eyeing Mickey from the safety of Jason's arms. Haha!Jessica, Austin and Zack decided they weren't interested in Toontown and set off to find a roller coaster that they could convince Austin to ride with them, but eventually came back unsuccessful.Zack and Austin waiting in line for Pirates of the CaribbeanAshlyn laughing after she got caught trying to sneak another kiss on Daddy cheek. So cute! Macie

Jason captured this moment that could sum up Disneyland in a single picture.

Jason and AshlynJessica and Austin Me and Lauren

One of the highlights from the trip was meeting Jon Heder from Napoleon Dynamite. We had just come out Tarzan's Tree house and Jeremy and Talli noticed him going in. The kids went in after him. He actually sat talking to the kids for a while and let them take pictures of him on their cell phones. Jess has a cute picture of him on her phone where he is making a "Napoleon face". After watching them chat for a minute, we decided we could be silly fans too and get our picture taken with him.No time to changes lenses and with a 50 fixed and unable to zoom in or out... Jer got cut off! We didn't look at the picture until after Jon had already said goodbye!
Jason played paparazzi and got a few of him gathering his kids and stroller.We decided it was cool about the pictures because we are all tight now. See? Here he is inviting us all to come with him and hang out. ;-) After we were all a little giddy, we decided we could brave the line at the Dumbo ride. Isn't that one on the "must ride" list when you visit Disneyland?
The castle was gorgeous at night! Jason and I decided that Disneyland would be the perfect place to take a photography class because they have so many different lighting setting and motions speeds and people! Hmmm... we may have to go back sometime when we have more time to play with the camera. The girls met Rapunzel
And Flynn taught the boys "the smolder" It was a magical day at Disneyland After all that walking, we were ready for a relaxing day in Newport!

Abby and Lauren
Jason and Ashlyn
Macie and Lauren
Ashlyn and Jason
My hunky hubby!

Abby and Lauren
We had the best time swimming, barbecuing, a little shopping, eating Sprinkles Cupcakes and just hanging out with our friends. It was so hard to tear the kids away from each other, but we all left looking forward to the next time.