Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Miss B

A few months ago, while Jason was browsing Craigslist, he came across an add by someone selling a shuttle bus. He made some comment about how funny it would be pull up someplace in a shuttle bus with all our friends. We joked around about it for a little bit and then he continued browsing. I don't think he was looking for anything in particular, he just enjoys "shopping" around while we veg out in the evenings.

Over the next few weeks, there were several times as we were traveling that the thought, "If we had a shuttle bus..." came up. We would laugh and Jason would compare it to a bunch of circus clowns showing up someplace and taking over. With a family our size, usually accompanied with at least one other family, similar in size, we often feel like a circus! We continued to joke around about how funny it would be to have a shuttle bus.

We had an open Saturday and decide to make the drive up to Stockton, to check out a 20 passenger shuttle bus, but left empty handed. It just didn't feel right. It wasn't quite the same as the pictures that were posted, but standing inside of the bus, I got kind of excited! Seeing all the seats made me laugh out loud! How fun would it be to really own a shuttle bus?!! We would have SO much fun going places with our friends without having to take a separate cars! I think we would think of places to go just so we could use it!

We started looking a little more seriously. We scoured all the surrounding Craiglists, newspaper adds, Ebay, and even stopped in at a local Shuttle Bus service shop to see if they had any for sale. Eventually, our same guy up in Stockton got a few more Shuttle Buses in. My little sister was coming to visit the next week and I was really hoping to find one before she came. We made the trip up to Stockton once again and found a winner! By the sun fading, you can see where she had a stripe down her side and a logo on the back, but we like her just the same. Eventually, we plan to paint her black and have the windows tinted, but we aren't in any rush. We decided to name her Miss B. Haven (misbehaving. hehe!), but we just call her Miss B.

We rearranged the seats so we have a couple of seating areas, making it easier to talk to each other. Miss B can carry 21 passengers. The seat belt laws are different for a shuttle bus, so we could pile in a few extra if we need to.

Just a few days after we bought her, Miss B took us on our first of many trips! Janelle was in town from Utah and wanted to take her family to the beach. We took Jen and her 4 kids, Janelle and Peter and their 6 kids, Me and my 5 kids and my mom! We didn't have time to install the DVD player before our trip and I was so surprised at how well the kids traveled! They were all so happy to be able to ride together. Jason had to work, so I got to be the bus driver! Luckily, Miss B is SO easy to drive!

We had a fabulous day at the beach! And yes, I could almost hear circus music as we spilled out of the bus onto the beach! I think the funniest part about having Miss B so far, is the reactions people have to her. My long time babysitter, who came home from Provo for the summer, saw the shuttle bus and said, "It's very you guys!" I laughed and told her I wasn't sure how to take that, but I'd just say thanks anyway! She said that we are funny and that we can pull it off. Ok. I'll take that too. Someone else asked if I had sold my car and if that is what I am driving now. You could almost see the, "I think you are crazy and your family isn't really THAT big", behind the question. Again, it just made me laugh. You either get it or you don't. I think it hilarious and genius at the same time! I don't take myself too seriously and I'm definitely not too proud to drive a bus! Yes, I still have my car.

I think Miss B will be our family glue. The family that plays together, stays together. Our kids love her and can't wait to go places with our friends. We have started a list of places we want to go and we plan to do just that. Go, go, go.

5 months Already?!

Little Paigey Pie is five months already! Where did the time go? She rolls over and is already trying to crawl! This baby stage is going by way too fast for me!