Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Walk Through The Vineyard

A few weeks ago, we went to the Napa Valley to participate in a fundraiser walk for Pancreatic Cancer.It was such a beautiful setting to honor those who have passed and to celebrate those who have survived.The older kids were gone that weekend, but we wanted to bring the little ones to be a part of the event and remember their Grandma Ronna.Danale's sweet friend, Shauna, had shirts made with Ronna's picture for us to wear during the walk.Aunt Linda always reminds me so much of Ronna. Like Ronna, there is something very comforting just being around her.It was a little emotional as we got there, but it was so good to spend the day with friends and family. The Vineyard was beautiful and we couldn't have asked for better weather. Ronna would have loved Ashlyn's sense of style!

After the walk, there was a reception celebrating the survivors, a silent auction, wine tasting, food, and music. They had a wall of honor, with pictures and stories of those who had passed and a table where you could write a message or a memory.
I choked up reading the messages to the wife who was gone, the sister who was missed and the dad who wouldn't be there to see his daughter graduate college and the wobbly letter from a young child to a mother. There was an unspoken strength being surrounded by people who understood, people who had suffered the same heart ache, fought the same battles and came together to support those still fighting and raise money to hopefully help those who will be fighting in the future.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Paige's Baby Blessing

Paige was blessed in church a few weeks ago. We are so grateful for our family and friends who came to share the special event with us.I can't believe how much our family has grown! We feel so blessed that Paige made it here to us safely.She has such a sweet personality that it has earned her the nickname "Sweets".

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


In this world, there are some views that take your breath away and others that could be identified or recognized by a quick glimpse. For me and my family, these pictures will stir the soul and could be identified without a second thought. For those who didn't make it this year, these pictures will almost make them feel homesick and bring on so many memories and feelings. It is so hard to explain what this place means to us and how it is a part of who we are.

This is Whiskeytown LakeAnd this is the little cove where we camp.This is our main campsite. This is our tradition.

There is something about this place that brings us back year after year, no matter how far away we are, and makes us stay even when it rains. JessicaMe and Paige

It's family.Grandma and WesJason and Paige and Grandpa and PhoebeGrandpa and AshlynAshlynWes with Ashlyn asleep in the hammockMy parentsMindy and NormanBilly and JenDave and LisaJeff, Jason and MelissaDebbie, Rick, Michelle and Steve

There are some things you can almost always count on, besides rain at Whiskeytown on Memorial Day weekend. One of those things is that there is almost always a game being played.
And if grandma is around, she will be playing.The kids will spend hours building a fortand playing on the hammock

Kate, Ashlyn and Brynne Phoebe and Paige

the term "kids" is used looselyGarrett being launched off the hammock by Wes and Steve with Sterling, Billy and Sequoia watching.Yep, that's Billy taking a turn!This year was colder than it had ever been on Memorial Day Weekend. Paige was not a fan of the cold weather, so we were grateful to have our old RV there to warm her up when we needed to. We had a fire going most days and every nightBut the cold weather didn't stop the kids from wanting to go to the beach to play in the sand. We bundled up and had the place all to ourselves The big boys came along too, looking for a wide open space to play football. It wasn't long before the football sat in the sand, while they played with the buckets and shovels!And it just wouldn't be Whiskeytown without a little hike near Brandy Creekto where we like to call "the mossy place".This is one of my very favorite placesI'm not sure why, but the banks of Brandy Creek have always made me feel at home, given me peace and have been a place where I find strength and comfort. Winnie the Pooh had his thinking spot, and this is mine.I love these next two pictures taken on the way back from our little hike.Ashlyn is such a daddy's girlWhether you are out on the canoe skipping rocks on the lake,
relaxing with a good book,or simply enjoying the junk food that comes along with camping Whiskeytown is sure to leave you with a smile on your face

and looking forward to the next time.