Sunday, November 27, 2011

Lisa's Wedding

On October 21, my beautiful cousin, Lisa, got married in the Sacramento Temple.
I wouldn't have missed it for anything!   I am SO happy for her!  I love the way Dave looks at her and just by the way he holds her hand, I can tell he is so in love, knows her incredibly well, is very protective of her and plans to take care of her for the rest of her life!  It makes my heart smile to watch the two of them together!   
Jessica really wanted to come up the the wedding with us and convinced us it was a great idea to let her miss school because she could watch the babies while we were in the temple. Tweens- always working an angel!   Haha!  She is great with them though and it was nice to have her there.  She is growing up so fast!
After the ceremony, while we were waiting for the bride and groom to come out, the videographer asked if he could use our camera to shoot the video because someone was bringing his camera, but they seemed to be lost.  Of course I agreed, but I didn't get any pictures of Lisa and Dave at the temple!  I'm sure there photographer got some great shots that I will have to get copies of.

I did get this picture on my phone though.  :-)

After we left the temple and had lunch, everyone (family) headed over to help set up for the reception that evening.

It was fun watching it all come together.
Wedding always make me feel all cheesy and happy and so grateful to be married to Jason.  I just like him. :-)

Dave and Lisa 

It was a beautiful day, with a beautiful bride and a beautiful wedding.  Hearts and Flowers... XOXOX

Monday, November 14, 2011

Magic Mountain

For Jason's birthday, we loaded up some friends in Miss B and headed down to Magic Mountain for the day.

About an hour and a half in to the drive, one of our tires blew out!  It was so loud!  It sounded like we got hit, but Jason drove us, smooth and steady, to the nearest off ramp to check out the damage. 

The whole side of the bus was all scratched up, the mud flap hanging by a thread and the rim over the tire had been completely torn off!  (We took it in to the shop after the trip and it needed over $2,000 in repairs!)  Luckily, we located a tire shop just 2 miles away that could replace our tire while we hung out in the bus and visited and got us back on the road.
The Crew when we finally arrived at Magic Mountain

I had never been to Magic Mountain when it was busy, so I had no idea we would be spending so much of the day in line!  Luckily, we were a pretty fun group and we managed to entertain ourselves while we waited!

We did manage to get on a few rides and they were totally worth the wait!!

It was also the first night of "Fright Night" at Magic Mountain.  I just thought that meant a few of the rides would be switched to sort of a haunted house or something.  I'm not a big fan of Haunted Houses.  If I want to be scared, I'll watch the news. BUT, much to my surprise, Fright Night was SO much fun!  After it got dark, in certain areas of the park, they had misters going to give it that eerie feeling and creepy guys all decked out in Halloween Horror roamed the walkways scaring people! 
It was fun to sit back and watch, or try to keep your cool when some crazy looking thing would jump right in your face!  We had some good laughs.
And, of course, came home way too late!  (Look!  New curtains for Miss B!)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ashlyn Turns 4

Ashlyn wanted to have a princess party for her 4th birthday.  She was so excited and could hardly wait for her guests to arrive!
 Lauren was excited to help out.  First task- make sure each guest received a tiara as they came in.
We held the party in the garage so we would have plenty of room and not have to worry about the mess.
 The girls colored princess posters with princess crayons while they waited for all of their friends to arrive.
After all of her friends arrived, we made candy necklaces with candy princess charms.
After that we decorated princess shaped sugar cookies.
The kids played with balloons while we cleaned up and got ready for pin the crown on the princess.

 The big kids were so helpful during the party and my mom came over to help out too!

Ashlyn wanted princess cupcakes.  I'm not the most creative person, so this is what I came up with- princesses on sticks in cupcakes.  She was happy with it, I guess it worked out. :-)

 Then, she opened presents and took pictures with her friends.
It was a very princess party and Ashlyn is definitely our little princess!