Friday, December 2, 2011

Down and Dirty Mud Run

At the end of October, I went to Folsom with a bunch of girl friends for a day of shopping, laughing, silliness and MUD!  Jen had done the Warrior Dash with some friends last year, and had so much fun that I couldn't wait to not be pregnant and go this year!  BUT, it had sold out before we had a chance to register.  My aunt Michelle came across the Down and Dirty Mud Run in Folsom and we decided it was close enough and registered for the night run!
Of course, the only way to travel with this group of girls, was in Miss B Haven!  We got window paint and let the world know that we were on our way and ready to play!

Jason was worried that I would miss out on all the fun girl time if I was stuck up front driving, so he offered to come along as our chauffeur.  He was amazing!  He dropped us off where ever we needed to be and was right back to pick us up when I would call or text him.  He also acted as our photographer, well, more like paparazzi.  We got so much attention all day!  A big group of girls spilling out of our own bus and being followed around by a photographer-- everyone wondered who we were and why they weren't they having as much fun as us!

Ashley picked up material for us to make tutus to wear in our "race".  We made the tutus while we rode up there.  It was a party as soon as we left the driveway!
This picture makes me laugh!  This is me and one of Jason's old college girl friends that is a friend of ours. :-O  He says he never had a type.  Hmmmm.  Is it just me or do we look alike?! 
We stopped in Elk Grove and picked up my mom and Diane.
We made a quick Target stop and had lunch in Folsom before we headed over to register for our race.
All the buzz at registration and a little caffeine had us partying like rock stars and a little silly for the rest of the day!

We got these neck/face warmers at registration and had way to much fun being big dorks with them in front of everyone at the Folsom Outlets!
Danale and Shauna met us at the Outlets.  It's always so good to see Danale!  I just love her!  She looked at me and said, "Wait!  Are you wearing make up to go run in the mud?!"  Of course!!  Haha!
 After we shopped, we went over to Michelle's house to get ready for the Mud Run.
All ready to go!
One of the best things about the day was seeing my mom in a TUTU!!!  What a great sport!
Me, my mom and my sister.  How fun that we can all play together!

LOVE this guy!
WAY too much fun on our way to RUN!
Here is a picture of our course map.  We have WAY TOO MANY pictures and picking a few to help you get the idea is WAY too hard!!  They had a costume contest.  We were introduced as the Tutu Girls and somehow the announcer knew we came in our "very own bus"!
We danced to the music while we waited for the race to start.
We laughed A LOT and took a TON of pictures!  We even took pictures with random strangers who wanted to have their picture taken with us- after all, we were practically famous! ;-)
Soon, it was totally dark, we turned our head lamps on and off we went!
The run was a little over 3 miles, with obstacles a long the way.  Here are pictures of a few obstacles:
A slippery wall
A "low crawl" under a net (on really gravely ground! ouch!)
A water crossing (where a couple of us ran right into a huge rock that left battle wounds for the next few weeks.)
Mud (Kristie)
Mud (Jen)
And more MUD! (Tara, Ashley, Brandi)
It was SO FUN!  We all finished with smiles (and mud!) on our faces.
They had a rinsing station set up with sprinkler pipe and hoses to get most of the mud off.  It was FREEZING!!
We went back to Michelle's house to get in a hot shower and get in our cozies before we headed back home.
It was such a fun day with fun friends!!