Thursday, April 19, 2012

February Recap

Paige started walking in January, at 10 months old, but these pictures were taken in February.
As soon as she started taking her first steps, I realized that I didn't have very many pictures of her crawling.  I pulled out my camera and was able to get one last picture.  She was so determined to walk that she never went back to crawling!  Even when she could only take a couple of steps before she fell, she would just get right back up and take the next few steps, fall again, and get up again.  It was interesting to watch and made me wonder if she will always be that way.

I love this little bug more than I can say!

Paige loved the swings at the park next to Grandma's house.

Jason started a new job here in town.  It has been so nice to see him in the middle of the day!! He comes home most days for lunch or I will meet him out somewhere. We love having him close, but sometimes I still miss his time in the car.  We would talk every day for at least 45 minutes of his hour and half commute. By the time he came home, we were all caught up on each other's day and ready to focus on the kids and evening activities.     We are excited for the change and new opportunities.

Ashlyn is still little miss social. 
This is our neighbor Katie.  She is a doll. Her and Ashlyn are SO much alike!!  We are so happy to have her just two doors down!  Ashlyn loves having her over.   When Katie isn't home, Ashlyn likes to bring friends home from preschool.  She doesn't like to go to her friend's houses unless I am going to be there, but she LOVES to have her friends over!
For Valentine's Day, Ashlyn wanted her hair to be just like Lauren's in a heart braid.

She helped me make a candy boquet for Jason.

I'm loving the kids as they get older!  They have such fun personalities.

I snaped a quick picture one morning after dropping Jessica and Austin off at the junior high.  My heart took a picture as they walked off together talking about who knows what.  I love that they are friends.
Miss B got a makeover! Fresh black paint!  I love the new look!
AND my grandparents celebrated 50 years of marriage! 
I feel truly blessed to have them as my grandparents.  They make each one of us feel loved and important.   We watched a slide show of pictures of them from when they were much younger and progressed through the years until now.  It was beautiful to watch these two wonderful people as they went through the different season in their life.  Their clothes changed and hair styles came and went. Their kids grew up, got married, had babies of their own.  Then the grandkids grew up and got married and had their own kids. My grandparents were there through it all.  So many things changed as life evolved, but they were constant and by each other's side.  Beautiful. Inspiring. Love. Committment. Family. 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sitting Pretty

A few weeks ago, I came home from getting my nails done and within 15 minutes Ashlyn noticed.  She looked at me with tears in her eyes and such a hurt look on her face.  "You got your nails done without me?"

I felt so bad and wanted to laugh at the same time.  How could me four year old have her feelings so hurt that I got my nails done and didn't bring her along?  She loves it when the older girls paint her nails and often asks me to paint her nails to match her outfit, but apparently, she can spot a salon job like a hawk!  She had been in with me before and I guess it was enough for her to notice the difference!

So... I took her in to get her nails done.  I'm such a sucker!
Such a little princess...

Project Loft Bed

Ashlyn and Jessica have always had a special connection.  From the time Ashlyn was a baby, Jessica would often beat me into Ashlyn's room when she would wake up in the middle of night.  She would always protest when I would send her back to bed so she wouldn't be tired the next day at school.   The sleepless nights and baby stage are long gone for Ashlyn, but she still looks to Jessica when she need help with something or gets in trouble from Mom or Dad.

When we moved back into our house almost 2 years ago, Lauren moved into the guest room down stairs, we had a room built for the baby, and all the kids had their own rooms.  Just before our trip to Hawaii, I was feeling anxious about leaving the kids and wanted to move Lauren upstairs.  Jessica suggested she could share a room with Ashlyn.  We thought about it and decided that could work. 

I had been spending some time on Pinterest and saw some cute loft beds.   I'm convinced my husband can do just about anything, so I suggested we build one for the girls.  I showed him some pictures and a blog on how another pinner made their loft bed, and he agreed!  We took some measurements of the room and decided it would be fun to make both of the beds loft beds to give the girls more room.  We made our list of supplies and went to Home Depot.  2 hours later, we came home with everything we needed.    Armed with two drills, we got to work!

We finished phase 1 just a few days before we left on our trip.  When we got back, Ashlyn helped me get the primer on the beds.  We are going to paint them black.  I'm still trying to decide on the walls.  They need to be painted, but I'm not sure what color yet.  The girls picked out new bedding.  Ashlyn picked out a black and white zebra print with a purple border and Jessica picked out black and white polk-a-dots.

It's a work in progress.  I'm usually pretty anxious to finish a project that I start, but I got this itch to move and I don't want to customize the room too much if we are going to be leaving.  I don't like being in limbo, but I can't find a house that I like.  Grrr.  So, maybe I'll finish the room this week...or maybe I'll just keep looking for a house!  ;-)