Monday, July 23, 2012

Let's Play Music

In May, Ashlyn graduated from her first year in Miss Tiffany's Let's Play Music music class.

I was so impressed with the program and Tiffany!  I have always admired Tiffany's musical talents, but her cheery disposition and happy smile reminded me of Mary Poppins as I watched her teaching the class!  The kids loved her and she did a great job teaching the kids about music and helping them develop a love for it.

Paige was cute watching her big sister preform at her end of the year music recital.

Friday, July 13, 2012


Pieces of April:
Paige at the park. 
Jason met us on his lunch break for a little picnic and to play with the girls.
Austin's hair got WAY too long and I convinced him to cut it.
 Besides his forehead needing a tan, I loved it!  He didn't and is growing it back out.  I think it's cute a little longer, but I'm not a fan of super shaggy.
 Jason got the old 50 working and took it for a ride around the neighborhood with Wes.  Cute boys.
 My grandparents came for a short visit.  We always love to see them.

Austin is still spending a lot of time at different skate parks.

He was home long enough one afternoon for me to teach him how to make spaghetti. 

He is adorable with Ashlyn!
Clearly, it goes both ways.  She thinks he's pretty great too!
Ashlyn suddenly became very nervous about being anywhere without me.  She stopped going to preschool and would only go to dance class if I stayed to watch.  It was hard to keep Paige busy while we waited , but I loved watching her practice.

A cat adopted us.  The kids named him Oreo.  Paige LOVES the cat and pats her hand on the front door every morning until someone will take her outside to see if the cat is there.
Jason and I took some of our friend's kids to Mormon Prom in Miss B.  It was fun being part of their night!

And that wraps up April!  Whew!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Magic Mountain

I'm still determined to catch up!  It's been so busy the last 6 months!  Since January, we have closed on 6 houses and have 2 active files in escrow set to close this month!  Our real estate business has kept me BUSY! But I love it!  I've had so much fun meeting new people and having a project to do that has a start and finish.  Most things I do get undone with a few hours.  I do laundry, there is more laundry.  I do the dishes and there are more dirty dishes.  I clean the house and it looks like a hurricane it as soon as I leave the room!  I love my real estate files!  They are clean. They are organized. They have a start and a finish and fun along the way.  We love looking at houses and it's so fun to be part of other people's new adventures too!   Perfect job for me.

April-  I went to Magic Mountain with Lauren and two of her best friends and their moms, who happen to be two of my best friends!  I love how that works!  We pulled the girls out of school for a fun over night girls trip!  We went shopping, relaxed in the hot tub at night and swam in the pool, ate yummy junk food and giggled.  It was fabulous!  We went to Magic Mountain on a Thursday and it was EMPTY!  PERFECT!!!  We got there before it opened. (It had the wrong time on the website.)

The girls could hardly contain their excitement!
 It was so cute to watch them map out where they wanted to go.

I love these two!!

We had the place to ourselves!!

I think we went on every ride in the park!  It was fun because we didn't have to decide what was worth waiting in line for.  We just walked onto any ride we wanted!  I actually got a little sick.  I love roller coasters and never get sick, but I think we went from one to the next so fast that my tummy didn't have time to settle in between rides.

I loved having Lauren all to myself and spending that time with her.  I love Lauren's fearlessness and fun attitude!  It was such a fun day and a memory I cherish.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Santa Clarita Skate Park

Austin turned 14 in March.  He decided he is too old to have a "birthday party", but thought it would be cool to load up Miss B. Haven and head down to Santa Clarita to a well known skate park.
Getting there was half the fun!  The guys tried out their tricks in the back of the moving bus, just to see if they could.

They had a couple of GoPros and had fun getting some video and laughing with their friends. 
Just as things started to settle down and I thought we would have a peaceful ride the rest of the way there...

Someone had a "GREAT" idea...   Jason looked out his rear view mirror and saw this:

Misbehavin' over the Grapevine and entertaining commuters!

I felt like I needed a loud speaker like on the rides at Disneyland! "Please keep your arms in legs inside until the ride comes to a complete stop."  It didn't stop me from snapping a few pictures though!
After three hours of rowdy bliss, we arrived at the skate park.  I have to say, it was pretty cool! (And super clean!)
It was awesome watching these guys!!  I had no idea you could do so many tricks on scooters and skateboards.

We only had a few wipe outs and one collision.  A bigger kid on a bike actually took Drew out!  Drew popped right up like a champ and gave the chin nod "It's okay".  He is one tough kid and totally held his own with this crowd that was a few years older than him!

I think we made it out with only 2 scrapped knees.  I got the "I told you so" look from the boys because I have given them a hard time about not wearing helmets.

We had such a good time being a fly on the wall with these guys!

And if Miss B can survive this group of boys, I think she is up for anything!