Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I love that my kids still get excited to wake up Easter morning and have an easter egg hunt in their pajamas around the house! 
Okay, so it still takes some convincing to get Austin out of bed, but once he is up, he plays along with everyone else. :-)
It is always so fun to watch the baby's reaction to new things!  She loved finding candy and was even more excited that we let her eat it!
I love that Jason loves the kids so much.  It's almost as much fun to watch him watching the kids and laughing or grinning ear to ear, as it is just watching the kids.

The kiddos...

After our early morning hunt, we showered up and headed to Sacramento to spend the day with Danale and Justin's side of the family at Justin's mom's house.

The kids loved the bounce house in the back yard.
Ashlyn is growing up way too fast!!
We brought Wes along to keep Austin company.

We had another Easter Egg Hunt at Justin's mom's.


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Coloring Easter Eggs

It wouldn't feel like Easter if we didn't dye Easter Eggs.   The kids love it!  Sometimes I feel like I am just trying to keep up with all 5 kids, but it's times like these that remind me to slow down and enjoy the journey.
Here is Paige showing off her teeth!  She just got 4 of her molars!

 I don't think Jessica will ever get too old for coloring Easter Eggs!
Ashlyn and Lauren take the color of their eggs very seriously!  Haha! 

Friday, June 1, 2012

Lauren Turns 10

For Lauren's 10th birthday, we decorated Miss B Haven and picked up Lauren and her friends from school to celebrate!   It was one of the few times, the kids thought it was cool to picked up in a bus!

We drove out to Skywalk and let the kids bounce to theirs hearts content!

 Ashlyn thought she could fly!

 They loved having part of the party in the bus!  We turned the music up loud and danced, ate cupcakes and snacks, and opened presents.  Miss B's first party was a success!