Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ashlyn Learns to Ski

Ashlyn got new skis for Christmas and couldn't wait to try them out!  We took her over to the park nearby that had a big hill so that Jason could teach her.
 The only problem with a skiing down a big hill, is that you have to get back to the top every time! Can you see the huge grin on her face?
 Every time she got to the bottom she would say, "Again!  Can we do it again?!"  She was in heaven!!
It didn't take very long for her to get the hang of it and Jason let go of the reigns so she could do it by herself.
This picture cracks me up!  She is thrilled to have made it down by herself, but after carrying her up to the top of the hill over and over and chasing her back down, Jason was exhausted!
It was so much fun to see how much she loved it and how quickly she learned!  We can't wait to take her up skiing with us! 

Christmas Again and Again

  We had already had Christmas at our house in Utah, but keeping with tradition, we had Christmas breakfast at my parent's house with Jen and her family.  We had a few gifts to exchange with them and spent the rest of the morning lounging in our pajamas.

 Even with all the candy around, Paige wanted to eat Grandpa's orange. :)

I love low key mornings!  When we were done, the big kids left to spend Christmas with their dad since it was technically Christmas Eve.  We spent the afternoon visiting with our good friends, Nick and Kristie. We were once again reminded how much we miss our friends!  It was so nice to be home with my parents and spend time with our friends.

The next morning, we piled back into the bus.   It was raining and gloomy, but we were happy to be headed to see the rest of our families in the Sacramento area.
While we were driving, I noticed how green and beautiful it was.  I didn't realize the lack of color in Utah in the winter!  It's white and brown and that's all!  I check my cameras at home to make sure my house was still in one piece and to see what the weather was like. I saw my sweet neighbors plowing my driveway on their Christmas!  I felt blessed to have such wonderful neighbors looking out for me while I was gone!
We didn't have as much time as we had hoped for at to my uncle Steve's house, but we were happy to see everyone while we could.

 I think my aunt Debbie and my mom look so much alike!
We had dinner and then went to see Jason's family at his sister's house.

 It was fun to see all these little ones playing together, but even funnier to try to get a picture with them all looking at the same time!
 We exchanged more presents with Jason's family.

It was stormy over the pass, so we ended our Christmas marathon with a 16 hour drive home!  It was stormy over the pass the northern way, so we woke up super early and went the southern way to try to beat the storm coming in to Utah the next night.  The drive wasn't too bad and well worth the time we got to spend with our loved ones.

Christmas Eve

Still playing catch up!  Christmas Eve left us with smiles like these:
We were so happy to be home with our family and part of years of tradition.

I snapped this picture of Jessica and Jason and she said. "Wait! Take one more!"
And got this one...
I love the connection these two have.
We tried out a new game that had us dying from laughter!  It's backwards charades. It's an awesome game to play with large groups.

We also had several leg wrestling matches!

Our horse drawn "sleigh ride" wasn't available this year, but luckily we were there with Miss B.  We loaded up and rolled through the neighborhood to look at all the beautiful Christmas lights.

I love my family and was so happy to be home!