Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Lauren Turns 11

Lauren really wanted to have a slumber party for her birthday.  We try to avoid sleep overs, so she was really excited when I agreed to let her have a few friends spend the night..
 We did the best we could to decorate the unfinished basement so she would have a place to hang out with her friends.
 The girls ate, tons and tons of pizza and root beer!  

 They had the classic pillow fight.
They played the candy ball game that we played for Austin's birthday.
And watched a movie.
 In the morning we made Lauren's favorite breakfast with pancakes and bacon and eggs.
 And went outside and found a surprise!

 It snowed the last week in March!  I guess that's normal for Utah!  Who knew?

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Beauty and the Beast

In March, Lauren was in the play Beauty and the Beast Jr, put on by her elementary school.  She was a candle stick.  Cutest candle stick I've ever seen!

 She was so excited to hear that all of our local family was coming to watch her!
Billy and Paige
 Maddy and Emily

We were so impressed with the quality of the play!  The set was great, the costumes were amazing and the talent even better!  It didn't seem like an elementary school production at all! 

 The Ehat's brought Lauren flowers.  She was thrilled! Here are all the little cousins.

 After the show, we went to our favorite frozen yogurt shop, Orange Leaf. 

 I snapped a couple pictures on my phone as the family love was flowin!  Haha!  I love to see my kids all getting along!

Paige Turns 2!

Here I go playing catch up again!!   My sweet Paige turned 2 March 13!  Those two years went by so fast!  I think I cried the night before her birthday.  I'm going to miss having a baby!  We spent the day doing her favorite things.  She spent a good part of the morning in a bubble bath with Ashlyn.   Then, we packed a lunch and went to the park.

It was finally warm!!  She wanted to take her shoes off and run in the grass.   I was totally fine with that because I really didn't like the shoes she had insisted on wearing!  Lol!  They just didn't go with her outfit.

Ashlyn is so cute with Paige!  Here she is coaching Paige down the slide.


She opened a few presents in the evening.  We were all there but she really wanted to go show Daddy everything she opened.

She was really excited about the headband she got with her new dress.
She managed to blow out her candles by herself!
 She wasn't interested  in any part of her cupcake but the frosting!  She used a candle to scoop up the frosting until it was all gone and then gave me her cupcake and said "all done!"

We love this little one more than we can say!