Thursday, August 29, 2013

Home Again, Home Again

Still doing March catch-up!  Good thing I have pictures to remind me what we did!
As soon as the kids were out for Spring Break, we jumped in the bus and headed to California!

 It seems like we are getting better and making the drive!  We put a card table in near the front seats.  It was perfect for eating and doing crafts to keep the kids busy.

 We were so happy to finally be there!  Grandma had some presents for all of the kids with March birthdays!
Ashlyn and Paige danced while Wes played the piano.
 We sat around and talked and things finally felt normal. 

 The kids couldn't wait to see their friends.  Lauren spent as much time with Chloe as she could!
 It felt like old times for Austin, hanging out with his cousins and Jared.

Ashlyn LOVED spending a day with Katie! 
Jessica tried to split her time between her two best friends, Kylie and Megan.

We spent as much time with our friends as we could.  We went to lunch with Nick and Kristie.
We spent an evening at the cabin with the McCauley's.  Ahhh. Some of my favorite memories from Clovis are from weekends with the McCauley's at their cabin. 
Jason and Jeff helped keep things lively!
 The kids were thrilled to hang out in the cabin with each other and have things just feel "normal".
Yeah, it felt good to be "home".  Even doing the normal stuff, like making a Target run with my sister and my mom, was so nice.    

 There's no place like home.