Friday, October 11, 2013

The Rest Of March

Bev brought Granny up to Salt Lake to run some errands and arranged for all the cousins to meet for lunch.  It was fun to see everyone!
Austin took the ski bus up to Park City for the last time this season.

I have been spending more time with Grandma Lori.  One afternoon she had me and her granddaughter over to teach us how to make Texas sheet cake.  It was a little different than the recipe I have and was fabulous!  She gave us each a  handwritten recipe card.  Her handwriting is so much like my grandma's!  
Austin passed his driving permit test!  Yikes!  He asks to drive everywhere!  I'm the worst backseat driver!!

We picked up these cute red leather couches for the kids!  I have no idea where we are going to put them, but I love them!
Jessica came home with this on her arm one day!  I never pegged her as the tattoo type, but freaked out just the same!  She got bored at school and had a sharpie in her bag... Next thing she knew...  (I was a little impressed with her artistic skills after I realized it was drawn on.)
Later that day, she reminded me she was still my fun loving daughter as she rolled around on the floor, tickling Paige.

I'm still trying to find activities to keep the kid busy during the day when the older kids are in school.  We bought some paints at the store and I think they could have painted for hours!

I saw this sign on my home from American Fork one day!  I had to take a picture!  There are some thing I love about Utah.  I'll take this kind of graffiti any day!
The girls wanted to help get the bus ready for our trip to California.  They brought the dish scrubbers out from the house!  I didn't care.  It kept them busy while we got everything else ready.  I'm glad they still like to help.
I made these cute St Patrick's Day treats for my hubby and my kids.  I never do anything for St Patrick's day so it was picture worthy.  Leprechauns don't come to my house.  Maybe some day...
Jason taught Austin how to shave.
I still can't believe he is old enough for all this.  I remember very clearly being 15!
Jessica has been super social.  It seems like I always have a house full of kids, which I love.   Here she is with Abby.
Jason started mountain biking.  He goes every Thursday night with a group of guys from work.  (Well, now that I'm a few months late posting this, they don't go as often as schedules have changed.)  He loves it and loves the guys he works with.


We were excited to be home for Easter!  When Jen and her family came over to my parent's house before church on Sunday morning, I had to laugh!  Jen and I regularly end up some place together wearing the same colors and no, it's not ever planned.  We didn't on Easter, but nice to see that Jessica kept up the accidental tradition for me!
Here we are before church- minus my dad, who was already there because he was speaking.
In the bus on the way to church

Drew has such an amazing voice!  He sang a song during sacrament and I was totally in awe of how flawless his sweet voice is.  Then I looked over and saw the boys making faces at him and trying to throw him off!!  It made me laugh.  I'm so glad it didn't work!

Cute Wes chillin on the couch after church.  I love that kid!
My grandparents came down after church to spend the rest of Easter with us.  My Grandpa is always so cute with the kids and they always love to see him.

We got things ready for dinner and  took lots of pictures before we had an Easter Egg Hunt.

It was raining on and off, so we had the hunt inside.  We sent all the kids out on the porch while we finished up hiding candy and eggs.

Drew was so cute with Paige!  Here he is showing her where to find an Easter egg.