Monday, November 4, 2013

Other Pieces of April

My darling nephew Miles was born. Ashlyn was so excited to hold him.
Jen drove out with my mom to squeeze in one last ski day in Utah and have a shopping day with me!  Janelle met us at Orange Leaf for a little sister time.  I love my sisters!
We got to spend some time with my parents while they were in town.  My kids were thrilled to get to hang out with Grandpa.
I have decided that Paige is either super organized or a little OCD!  When she gets out of the bath she lines up her rubber duckies and makes sure they are with their matching color.
She even organizes her snacks.
She is getting so big!  She found fairy wings in the dress up and wore them all afternoon! 

It did warm up for a minute.  Lauren didn't waste any time pulling out her capri's and short sleeves!
She was disappointed when it snowed a few says later.
My Grandparents came to visit and took my and the little girls to a movie and lunch while the big kids were at school.
It was Paige's first time to the movie theater.  It actually went really well!

I love that my grandparents make such a huge effort to stay close to us and the kids!  They are awesome and I love them so much!  I hope I am like that when I am a grandparent.

Hope of America

I was so touched by Lauren's Hope of America performance with her elementary school.  It was held at the Marriott Center at BYU.  It could not have come at a better time in light of the tragedy in Boston.  We started the program with an opening prayer and then recited the pledge of allegiance, including the words "once nation under God".  I got teary eyed as we sang the National Anthem.   I'm so grateful for the country that we live in and this state that is not constantly trying to take God out of schools.  These kids truly are the hope of America.
Lauren is in the light pink skirt in the middle.
I loved the look on everyone's faces while they watched the performance.
Lauren is in the back row in the middle.
Lauren- back row under the "A".

 Lauren wanted to go to Denny's after the performance.  It was a feel good night!

Solo Trips to Clovis

In April, I made two trips home to Clovis.  The first one, I was just there for a little over 24 hours for work.  I had two houses that I was listing and went to put up signs and lock boxes.  I flew in on Saturday just in time to watch my niece's soccer game before I got my work done!  I have missed her so much!  I hate that I am missing our on her life!  I was so glad I could be there to watch her play.
My dad is the best!  He is so supportive and involved in his grand kids lives!  I'm sad that we are so far away and my kids don't have that time with him anymore.  It was good too see him and Jen and Jeff.

 The trip was way too short, but I got to go back a few weeks later and spend the weekend.  I don't know when the last time was that I did anything on my own!  It was a strange feeling when I flew out earlier in the month for just a 24 hour trip, but a whole weekend?!  I missed my family, but it was SO relaxing and awesome to just do whatever I wanted!!

I went for a run in the warm sun.  I missed the shady sidewalk that I used to frequent.  It was so comforting to be home and on familiar roads. 
 I went to lunch with some of my favorite people!

 Jen was there too, but had to leave to pick up her kids before we took pictures.
 Ahhh!  I have missed my friends!

It was amazing to not be in any kind of hurry or feel like I should get back to my kids because I had been out too long! AMAZING! I forgot how much fun I can be!  Haha!  I am actually super chill when I am just worried about myself!  I'm super flexible and no stress!

With no worry about time, we all headed over to get mani-pedis at my favorite nail salon.  The massage chairs, the company and even the Asian chatter was perfect.

 Saying goodbye to Brynne was way too hard!  She asked if I would be back for her birthday the next weekend and I had to say no. :(  Oh, I love that little girl! Breaks my heart to be so far away!

 I have always been close with Jen's kids. All of our kids have grown up together and I adore them!  Wes turned 16 a few weeks before and was going to his first Prom Saturday night!  I was so excited to go with Jen to take pictures of him and his date before they went out for the night!

 I can't believe how fast they are growing up!

Then, Jen and I took a road trip to the Bay Area to go to a missionary farewell the next day.

 We went out to dinner with Nancy and Devany and stayed up way too late chatting!
Jen and me before the farewell.
 The farewell was amazing!  I was so impressed with Sam and his testimony of the gospel!
 He will be an awesome missionary!

 I had such an incredible weekend!!


Austin played baseball this year with the high school.  He spent a lot of time at our neighbor Cole's house, practicing batting with his pitching machine.  It was fun watching him improve his game over the season.

Baseball season is California is where you get your first sunburn of the season.  Not in Utah!!  We drove half the team to an away game in Miss B and wondered if it would stop snowing before we arrived or if they would cancel the game.  The snow stopped falling and didn't stick for long and the game was played in freezing temperatures!

Paige hated putting on a bulky coat, but agreed to this fuzzy one because it felt more like a blanket.  I know it was not even close to warm enough!  Her little fingers would be like ice cubes by the end of the game!
Kristin came to watch one of Austin's games!  We love Kristin!
I love watching Austin run the bases!  He is so quick!
My parents came out to help Billy and Jen when they had their baby and we got to spend some time with them.  They braved the cold and came to one of Austin's games too.