Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Back to School

This is technically Austin's first year of High School.  The junior high has grades 7th, 8th, 9th.  Kind of sad that your freshman year is spent in junior high, but I think it is probably for the best.  There is a big gap between freshman and seniors!

So, here is Austin on the first day of his sophomore year at Lone Peak High School.

Jessica is a freshman and still at Timberline.

Lauren is starting her last year of elementary school!  6th grade.

And Ashlyn gets to start Kindergarten finally!  I think she thought she was never going to start school!  After moving here a week after she started kindergarten in California, getting registered in Utah and then getting a call the night before saying her birthday missed the Utah cut off for kindergarten, she had been looking forward to school starting.  We had the back to school date on our calendar, but when we got a letter from her teacher in the mail, we noticed the kindergarten first day date was not the same as the rest of the school.  Kindergarten started a week later.  On Sunday, she was so excited that the next day was her first day of school.  I felt so bad when we double checked the calendar and had to tell her that she had to wait one more day.  Kindergarten started a week later and not until Tuesday!  As I was putting her to bed on Monday night, she asked, "Mom, are you sure I really start school tomorrow?"  Poor girl!

Her first assignment was to bring in a poster about herself on the first day. :)
Paige wanted to be just like Ashlyn and wear her backpack too.  She was sad to see Ashlyn leave without her.

I think Jason had a much harder time than the rest of us!  Ashlyn said goodbye and followed her teacher in without even looking back.  Jason stayed and watched her through the window to make sure she really was okay.  I can't believe our baby is getting so big!
For the rest of the week, Paige made sure she was always ready with her backpack when it was time to take Ashlyn to school.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


August was pretty relaxed.  Jessica and Lauren went with Abbey and Lindsey Halvorsen. friends from Clovis, to their Grandpa's ranch in Idaho for a few days.

We found a new friend!  This buck spent many afternoons resting in the shade under our trampoline in the back yard.
 He was even kind enough to duck down so his antlers wouldn't rip the trampoline on his way out.

We were excited to discover Leatherby's in Utah!

Austin and his friend Maddy

We had another basement flood.
 It rains a lot in the summer in Utah I guess.
 Good thing we checked on our way to bed.   Too bad it kept us up for another hour and a half.
We visited Grandma Lori and Grandpa Bob pretty regularly.
We went to the parade of homes and took pictures of some of the creative things we saw.

 We had lazy Sunday afternoons.  The girls adore their dad!
 I spent some time in line at the Slurp aka the Mormon Starbucks!  Only in Utah would you see a line like this for dirty diet Cokes and sugar cookies!
 We visited Janelle in the hospital when she had baby Brooke.

My mom came to visit and help Janelle after the baby came.
 I miss having a baby!
 We decided to buy office cubicles for our home office for the kids.  4 fit perfectly and gave the 3 older kids their own working space and still left a spot for me.

 Ashlyn and Lauren started gymnastics.

And the kids went back to school.  I think back to school needs it's own page.

Just Like Old Times

One of my favorite things about being in Utah is that it feels like everyone comes to visit!  Jen's family had a family reunion in Utah for Jeff's family, so we got to see them for a couple days before the reunion.  Jeremy and Talli were in town with their family visiting their parents in Utah as well.  It was so fun to get together and hang out, just like old times!
We hit all the favorite food places- Cafe Rio and the Slurp were musts on the list.

We hung out around our house and visited.  We were all so happy to just be together.

We got to keep Garret a little longer, but I can't remember why now.  A sports camp I think? I don't know.  I know I loved having him.  I miss his funny personality!  He got up and ran with Lauren a couple of times while he was here and I know she appreciated it.