Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Perfect Summer Day

After the reunion, we went back to Clovis to spend another day before we had to go back to Utah.  The day was exactly how I would describe my perfect summer day.  Jason and I woke up and went for a run along the Clovis trails.
Then, we packed everyone up and headed out to spend the day on the Lake on the Bohn's boat with family.
Jason, Paige and Ashlyn
Brynne, Jeff, Ashlyn, Paige and Jason
Jeff, Brynne, Tara, Paige, Jason, Ashlyn, Jessica and Garrett
Jason and Jeff
Paige, Ashlyn and Grandpa
Austin with Jeff out on the wake surf board behind the boat.
Jason and Ashlyn
Jen catching air on the wakeboard
Me and Grandma (my mom)
Me and Paige

Wes and Jessica
Brynne, Paige, Grandpa, and Ashlyn
Grandpa is always surrounded by the kids!  They all adore him!
We soaked up the sun, swam in the lake, tried out our skills behind the boat, danced, laughed, relaxed and just genuinely enjoyed each other's company.  Once again, we stayed out on the lake until we could see the last of the sinking sun slip behind the horizon.  We came in off the lake tired and content, with full hearts and warm cheeks.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Beach Boardwalk

One of the nights we were camping at the beach, we headed over to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.
Austin, Wes, Drew, Tyler and Garrett.
 Carter and his girlfriend, Natalie, met us there for the evening.
While the big kids raced from roller coaster to roller coaster, Austin kept me company taking the little girls on the kiddie rides.

We stayed until it closed, but weren't ready to say goodbye to Carter and Natalie and head back to our cold, wet camp.  We found a nearby Denny's to continue the night a little longer.

I love how happy we are to just be together.  Jessica was too tired to be social and found a safe seat at the kids table.
They were all sound asleep before the food arrived.

I think it is safe to say that we squeezed all we could out of that day.

Beach Reunion

We spent a couple days in Clovis and then headed to the beach for the Hurd family reunion.  Jason had to work part of the week and met up with us the last couple days.  I always love the beach, hanging out with my family and camping, but this trip was a little challenging.  Paige decided she hated to walk on sand on would scream if she was ever put down anywhere near the sand.  She was happy in the tent or being held.  
Luckily for me, Austin is a great brother and didn't mind helping out with her.
I didn't have as much time to visit with the family, but the kids were happy to be there and see everybody.
Granny and Jessica
The fog rolled in in the evening, making everything wet and cold.  If we didn't put the camp chairs away or keep someone planted in them, they would be too wet to sit in.   We hadn't planned on it being quite so cold at the beach in July and had to make a trip into town to buy a few more sweatshirts and cozy pants to keep everyone warm.

We loved the beach during the day.  There is something soothing about hearing the waves crash on the shore.  Paige enjoyed the sand from the comfort of a blanket.  She would sit on the edge of it and dig in the sand.

The other kids buried each other in the sand and built sand castles.
I tried to show Paige how much fun it can be to draw in the wet sand or run away from the waves, but she wanted nothing to do with it.  She wanted to see everything, but she wanted to be carried there.
I felt so relieved when she would finally fall asleep!
Jason flew in on our third day and somehow he convinced her to walk in the sand!!! I still don't understand, but that was it and then she was over it.

I guess sometimes a girl just needs her dad.
Typical for my life, things always get better when Jason arrives. :)
The boys braved the cold water for some boogie boarding.
Drew and Austin
Tyler and Drew
Garrett, Tyler, Austin, Drew
I'm pretty sure this is the best picture from the trip: Austin, Wes, and Drew, checking Tyler's armpit for hair!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Grandma taking Phoebe to play by the water and Ashlyn digging in the sand.
Jessica taking a nap under her hoodie and Brynne snuggling with Grandpa.
Jen reading a book.
Austin and Garrett
Melissa, Sequoia, Jessica, Me, and Paige
Brynne showing off her treasures from the beach
Jeff, Wes and Jason
Phoebe, Kaite and Cedrick

Wes and Grandpa helping Granny across the sand.