Friday, January 31, 2014

Families are Forever

On June 28, 2013 We were finally sealed!
We were so excited to go to the temple as a family that we hadn't really thought about inviting everyone.  As we shared the news with our families and friends, we were so touched that everyone wanted to come and be there for our special day.
The sealing was beautiful.  It took my breath away to see all of the kids come in wearing all white.  Paige came in with a doll she had attached herself to in the temple nursery.  She was so cute, but in true toddler form, wasn't interested in sitting still and cried through most of it.  It didn't matter though.  The spirit was so strong.   My heart was full knowing that we would be a family forever.  I loved looking across the altar and seeing the tears of joy in Jason's eyes.  The kids all looked like angels as we stood together and looked in the mirrors. I love my family so much and I have never felt more complete.  

Our friends and family took pictures while they waited for us to come out of the temple after the sealing.
Diane, DaNae, Jen, Janelle, Mindy, Jen and Kristie
Nick, Jeff, Sam, Sterling, Norman, Billy, Peter
Cute Janelle, pregnant with Brooke and Peter in the background.
Peter and Norman
Nick and Kristie
Mindy, Sam and Diane
Jeff and Jen
Sterling, Mom (DaNae) and Billy
Jessica coming out of the temple
Jessica, Paige, Tara, Lauren, Jason, Ashlyn and Austin

Billy, Jen, Tara, Mom, Janelle, Sterling
Tara and Kristie
Jen and Paige

Monday, January 27, 2014

Splash Pad

While the boys were off at camps, we got to enjoy some time with Brynne.  She has such a great laugh and loves to tease and be silly!  I LOVED having her here!  I miss being part of her daily life.  
I found these pictures of an afternoon we spent at the Splash Pad near by house while Brynne was here.

Grandma Lori and Paige 
 Logan, Janelle, Ashlyn, Lori and Paige
Janelle and Paige

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

June =Bohns

June was a great month for me!  It kicked off several weeks of having my nephews and niece around! Garrett was the first to show up.  He had back to back camps at BYU.  I think he was appalled at how cold it was in June!  He braved the 80 degree weather and sat through one of Austin's baseball games. (He played all summer.)

He was gone during the week at Rugby camp, but the rest of the kids came rolling in with my parents by the end of the week and Garrett was back for the weekend.  Jason was so excited to have some riding buddies!  He took the boys up the canyon for an afternoon.
                                                   Garrett, Wes, Drew and Austin
We took the kids up the canyon Saturday night to roast marshmallows and hang out.  The older kids all brought friends.  Bria met us at our house and came with us too.
My dad, Garrett, Cole, Drew, Austin, Bria and Brynne, Wes, Jessica and the back of Ashlyn.
Jessica and Ashlyn
Paige and Jason
                                                 Jessica and Katie, Lauren and Millie
Bria, Wes, Austin, Cole and Garrett

My heart was happy.    Garrett, Wes and Austin all left for EFY the following week, but Drew and Brynne stayed and hung out.   Actually, Drew went to Football camp either the week before or the same week the boys were at EFY.  I can't remember, but I loved having them all around!!!

Girls Camp

We went to girls camp the first week in June.  Girls Camp is always so hard to sum up.  So many experiences are packed in to just a few days.  We had our first Utah girls camp experience.  It left me with mixed emotions.  I loved the camp at Heber Valley! The facilities were great and it was such a peaceful, beautiful place.

The differences between here and Fresno North Stake were hard for me to adjust to.  It was the first time I had ever heard of girls not excited to go to camp.   They only have stake camp every 4 years.  The other years, camp is held on a ward level. It is often just over a weekend and never in the same place.  Sometimes they are in tents, sometimes in cabins.   The program isn't defined and carried on from one year to the next, so the girls never really know what to expect.   It made me sad and honestly, made me not want to raise my girls here.  Girls Camp can be such an amazing experience and something I always looked forward to. 

Heber Valley Camp was designed for the purpose of Girls Camp, but because there are so many wards and stakes that want to use it, there aren't enough weeks in the summer to accommodate everyone.  There is a waiting list.  I'm not sure what the answer is or how to get everyone on the same page.  As the week went on, I could see how a little consistency could work out the bugs they were experiencing and help them to use the facilities to their full potential.  

This year was stake camp, but we still slept and functioned on a ward level.  Every day, we would have activities that we would gather together for with the whole stake.  I just kept wishing I could bring them to girls camp in California to show them how awesome it could be!

With that being said, the girls still managed to have a great experience!  We did crafts,
Goofed off in our cabins,
we did silly skits

They had an amazing ropes course!
                             Amanda, Tiffany, Sabrina, Nicki, Debi (in the back), Robyn, and Me
                                          That's Jessica way up on the wires.
We went on a couple of hikes

The view of Heber Valley from the top on one of our hikes was beautiful!
We went canoeing one afternoon.
                                                            Christina and Jessica
Jen and Lynda
                                     We had fun at our devotionals in the amphitheater.
                                                       Chloe, Katie and Jessica
Nicki and Robyn
We hung out with our friends.
                                                            Abby and Jessica
Sabrina, Abb'ey, Me
                                      Lynda, Melanie, Jenny, Sabrina, Tiffany, Lesa, Nicki
                                                          Sabrina, Me, Tiffany
We took time every day to read our scriptures and enjoy our beautiful surroundings.

I was so impressed with Jessica.  I watched as she reached out to a girl who really needed a friend.  She hiked with her, left her notes on her bed and invited the girl to eat with her and her friends.  I love the tender side of Jessica.  She has a very nurturing heart.