Tuesday, May 27, 2014

E.F.Y. and the Y

Jessica was so excited to go to E.F.Y at BYU with Kylie!

We got the girls checked in, helped them find their room and went to get lunch together before we left.  We had just ordered our food and were standing in line waiting for it to be ready, when Jessica said she didn't feel well.  I looked at her and she was white as a ghost!  I reached for her just as she passed out!  I only had ahold of one arm when she went down, but it was enough to keep her from hitting her head on the ground when she went down.  She came to quickly and I helped her to her feet.  I just wanted to get her off the tile and away from the line.  We were almost to a table when she passed out again.  Someone called 911.  She was conscious but still laying on the ground when the paramedic arrived.  They took her vitals and made her wait awhile before she got back up.  

We still aren't really sure what happened.  I think it might have been all the excitement, combined with little sleep the night before and skipping breakfast in that morning.  She seemed to feel better after she ate and assured us she was fine and wanted to stay at E.F.Y.   Kylie seemed a little unsure being left with Jessica, not knowing if she would pass out again, but eventually we left the girls at BYU and went to hike the Y.

It was fun to see Shelley and Kara!
I love that I still get to see my Clovis friends here in Utah!
I had never hiked the Y before.  It was really steep, but the view was really pretty and the company was great!
I must have checked my phone a dozen times, wondering if Jessica was okay.  I called on my way home from the hike and she sounded like she was doing great.  
I loved seeing her pictures when she got home of the fun week she had!