Friday, March 20, 2015

Annie's farewell

Annie has been working for me for the last couple of months and I completely adore her!  I'm so proud of her for her decision to serve a mission.  She is going to Vancouver, Washington .  We will miss her!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Ashlyn Turns 6

For Ashlyn's 6th birthday, we had a party at our house in the afternoon.
She invited a lot of friends from her class and a couple cousins.  Lauren was a dream!!  She entertained all of the kids with music and silly dances while we were waiting for everyone to arrive. 
She led all the games and helped pass out pizza and cupcakes.
Brooke, Ashlyn, Mya
Mya, Phoebe, Paige, Lauren, Emmee, Sophia, Ashlyn, Clara, Britta

Mya, Phoebe, Brooke, Emily (floor), ?, Ashlyn, Clara, Sophia, Jocelyn Pepper, Emily, Paige (floor), Britta, Emmee.
Ashlyn and Clara

That night we took the family to Leatherby's

Lauren's ice cream was bigger than her head!

Ashlyn had been asking for her own luggage for a while and was so excited to get it for her birthday.
She also got some clothes for the cruise we went on a few weeks later.
Austin took this picture of me.  It's the only one for the day, so here it is!  See, I was there. :)
Brynne facetimed Ashlyn to wish her a happy birthday.  It was so sweet. 


September was full of getting in the back to school routine.  We all struggled with getting up early and out the door.  One morning, I had to e up extra early and got dressed in the dark so I wouldn't wake Jason up.   My workout had gone longer than I had planned and the big kids needed extra help finding things in the morning before I took them to school.  I realized I needed to go to the grocery store in the morning to get the meat that I needed for that nights dinner, so that I could get it in the crockpot early enough in the day to be ready in time for dinner.  Getting ready for the day had to wait.  Since I was already out with the kids, we went ahead a ran a couple of other errands too.  When we were finally home and I was getting Paige from her carseat, Ashlyn said, "Mom, why are you wearing two different shoes?"  Wow.  I wonder how many other people noticed?!

 I loved seeing the office get used the way we hoped it would. Here is Austin doing his homework.
Paige missed Ashlyn when she gone to kindergarten in the afternoon and couldn't wait for her to get home.
Austin started driving!  Yikes!  I tried to snap a picture as I was driving behind him and Jason, who were in the Tahoe.
I went with Alexis to her ward's Relief Society activity.  I loved their owl theme and took a couple pictures for ideas for our upcoming Young Womens New Beginnings

I got some snuggle time with Paige.

Lauren and Ashlyn had the "Wolf Walk" at their elementary school.  It was a two mile fun run that they used to raise money for the school.

Lauren 6th grade, Ashlyn Kindergarten.

We still thought it was crazy to pull up in our driveway and see a big buck hanging out in the yard.
The weather was all over the place.  There was snow in the mountains, rain in Alpine and beautiful days of sunshine.  I don't think I will ever get tired of the view from my front porch.

I took this picture from Austin's friend Maddie's Instagram page.  Here they are at a BYU football game.

Sunday Shenanigins

We spend a lot of Sundays up in American Fork Canyon with our family.  I love the time we get to spend together.  Our cell phones don't work, so everyone talks and enjoys each other.  It's peaceful with no distractions.

I love that these two are buddies.

Jason decided it would be fun to see if Lauren could climb up a very steep mountain with loose rocks!  I'm known to worry, but decided to stay out of it and just be quiet.  Lauren is always up for anything!  It is one of the things that makes her really fun to hang out with.
It was a STRUGGLE to sit quietly and not tell her to be careful or tell Jason to stop encouraging her to go higher or that she  just needed to come back down.  I could just envision her tumbling down the hill like the rocks that came crashing down when they broke loose as she climbed over them.  The kids thought it was pretty funny to see me squirm and knew I was trying so hard to not say anything.
Somehow, she made it to the destination tree.  The problem now was getting down!  Jason's response? "Just surf!  Ride the rocks down!".   They were all laughing and having a great time.  I took a deep breath and bit my tongue so I wouldn't ruin the fun.  My heart was pounding and I silently prayed she wouldn't break anything on the way down.  She managed to get from tree to tree and did a little surfing on the loose rocks, but made it down in one piece.  I can't say the same for her knew boots.

Within minutes, Jason was egging the other kids on!  They were unsure, but Jessica wasn't about to get shown up by her little sister and decided to try.  I couldn't help the "Oh!" that slipped out of my mouth.  I caught myself there and tried to look calm while Jessica attempted to climb the mountain.

 Austin thought it was so funny to watch me say nothing.  "This is killing you isn't it?!"
Me, "Nope.  I'm good.  Looks like fun."  He just laughed and went back and forth between watching me and watching Jessica.

She got about 5 feet from the tree, but the rocks kept slipping out from under her.  Much to my relief, she decided it was a bad idea to go the rest of the way and worked her way back down.  They tried to get Austin to try.  "I'm not crazy!  That's sketchy!"
I was so glad it was getting dark as Ashlyn volunteered to try next!  Luckily, she wasn't too disappointed when I said no because it was getting dark and it was time to make s'mores.